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Non-owner, New member. Florida, USA

Howdy Folks!

Self-proclaimed BMW homer looking to get into the smaller displacement world. 60 miles of traffic laden, city streets is my daily commute. Hoping for a fun alternative to racking up miles on the bigger, more expensive bikes. Seriously considering the G310r and Duke 390 but outside of the 3 year warranty on the BMW, I'm not convinced there is much of a performance comparison between those two bikes. Having that said, the 310 has it benefits and has recently claimed a strong stake in my decision making process. (see first sentence) Plus, I have a great relationship with my local BMW dealership; have no experience with KTM. Oh, and I also have no patience when it comes to motorcycles; neither bike has even made it Stateside yet, anyways. Preparation is key!

I'm having a heck of a time deciding between the two!

Anyway, I'm glad to be going through this process with you all. Hoping to get your feedback and viewpoints.

Kind regards, everyone. Ride in peace...
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Welcome to the forum!
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I had the same quest about 2 weeks ago. 60miles (96.56km) is a long commute. I do a round trip of 53kms (32.93miles) everyday through traffic.

I had to decide to downgrade from R1200GS. Lovely bike, but for everyday commute between traffic (we can lane split) started getting tiring. So 390 Duke or G310R?

I went G310R and was able to move quickly on 1 of 3 at the dealership that just arrived, the other two having been sold and the one I got fell through for the previous purchaser, so I was next in line.

I went BMW as the seating position for commuting was not as aggressive as Duke. Ride quality on the BMW a little better and I have never had issues with BMW (F800 and GS1200). I have had nothing but good service and in 4 years with BMW no issues what so ever, solid machines.

I have now done 588km (365miles) of commuting in sun,rain and wind. No issues what so ever, light through traffic and get 3.2L per 100KM.

BMW is cheaper than the Duke and so too was the insurance. Build quality is BMW with certain parts been standard on all BMW's (mirrors, indicators) and the tool kit is more than what comes with the F800 and 1200. Standard allen keys none of those hex jobs and standard nuts and bolts, thus your standard tool kit in the garage will be fine.

So I am happy with my choice. There has been no surprises and stuck to the break in directions in the manual. 0..300KM <6000rpm. 300km....1000KM can go over 6000rpm but no full throttle.

Neutral at first was hard to find and the 6th gear did not engage on two occasions, slipped back to 5th. That only happened twice with 63km on the clock. Since then no issues and the gears are light including the clutch pull. Yes! there is no clunking as you get with other BMW models.

Also the reviews of the Duke indicate heat coming off the engine especially in traffic makes it uncomfortable.

So for commuting the G310R does fit the bill.

Either way I do not think you can go wrong with either bike, just depends on your wallet, dealership and riding requirements.

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@ Phillip

Thanks very much for your input. That is almost exactly the scenario I am in, including the current setup with the GS. Only difference is I can't lane split and I've found the GS to be an excellent "everything" bike. (Poor thing gets all the harsh conditions and it has never complained!)

You pretty much listed all the pros I have considered which make the G an excellent choice; variables that don't show up on the data sheet but that add to the overall experience that may make it a better choice. There's a part of me that loves the hooligan side of the KTM but when I role-play the two bikes on my way home everyday (worn out from the day's work, hot, anxious to get home...) I keep going back to the BMW.

Again, neither bike is available to me yet so I'm not on the brink of needing to make a decision, anyways. It gets tiring, though, watching videos, reading articles, negotiating deals in my head etc...

I'm ready to just make a decision and go with it but every time I think I've sealed the deal, the "other" side of the argument sneaks in another perception that adds weight to the other side of the scale.

(Man, I've got good problems!)

Thanks again for the feedback!
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