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OBD Reader

Hello everyone!

I wanna know if it would be a Good Idea to permanetnly put an OBD Reader on the G310R. I have a Cheap 'ELM327' OBD Scanner and, as far as I know, while reading ECU's data it will not casue som harm, but i don't know if it will have some contraindications in the long term use.
My main idea is to use it to track fuel comsumption, temps and other parameters in order to have statistical data of my driving.
Why? Just because I'm a nerd and because I can do it.


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Not sure about the ELM327 scanner and how it interfaces to an OBD connector - how do you monitor the info (assuming that it will read the data).

In some of the work I have been involved in (vehicle, fuel, emissions and performance testing) we have used Auterra DashDyno as an ancillary monitor for viewing some operating parameters that would normally take us a long time to properly instrument up with sensors feeding in to loggers - so we have had these connected up on vehicles for long periods without causing any problems. We found them to be good indicators of what was happening and a very useful tool if we needed to give a client a quick assessment for some testing.

OBD II Scan Tool - Performance Meter, Data Logger, Scanner | DashDyno SPD

Not all info from the computer is fully accurate - recorded fuel consumption measures higher than real values by around 5% to 10% if I remember rightly (when compared to measurements at the same time from accurate fuel flow meters). But it is pretty consistent so when a number is higher or lower, you know you are using more or less fuel.

The DashDyno's have lots of display potential and performance capabilities, don't know what you can do with the ELM. But I'd comment that having something like this available to view info and "play with" while riding would be a distraction, and so take attention from the road and everything needing to be noticed when riding a bike.

So, bottom line is that I can't tell you that the ELM will connect up and work and cause no problems, but I can't see why it wouldn't behave similarly to the DashDyno's that I have used. I did a lot of checking up on the DashDyno's to make sure before we purchased ours...

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Did you end up putting an OBD permanently in the bike? Thinking of leaving a mini Bluetooth OBD reader installed. The having it show the data on my phone with an app like torque and also in Android Auto (there is development on an app to show OBD data on Android Auto still no on the Play Store but info is on XDA-Developers)
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