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What triggers service reminders?

I accidentally left the lights on over the weekend after a very long day at work- unsuprisingly the battery was dead, dead, dead (numptey). Even my trickler charger could not revive it (not my first self inflicted battery problem) so I had to get a new battery. I had always wondered whever my service reminder would ever kick in. Currently at 5000 miles and it has never shown which as I plan to do most of the servicing myself has been a blessing- interestingly/sadly the new battery installation has triggered the service reminder to pop up.

Any of you guys know what causes them to show up (and more importantly how to remove them cheaply)? I think I'll try dialling back the calander but I suspect BMW might be a bit more sophisticated than that. Just can't imagine why the battery swap would finally bring it out- I brought it as an ex demo so I wonder whether the dealer had an override programmed because they did not want it popping up
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From the manual:
"The service-due indicator in the multifunction display reminds you about one month or 1000 km in advance when the time for a service is approaching, on the basis of the programmed values."

If the system lost the date when your battery died, it could explain it. Otherwise, I think it is just a coincidence that your 6000mi service is due soon. The dealer programs a mileage and a date for the next service, and the message will appear for whichever one occurs first.
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As for resetting reminders, check out the thread on the MotoScan app, in combination with a bluetooth dongle like OBDLink. For around $100 you can scan all systems, and read and reset codes, reset service reminder and next service date/mileage. Indispensible for DIY-ers.
P.s. trickle chargers aren't designed to charge fully empty batteries, you need a more capable charger for that. Chances are your old battery can be rescuccitated. I also believe it's a coincidence that your service reminder came on.
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Originally Posted by Matt Skipper View Post
I accidentally left the lights on over the weekend after a very long day at work- unsuprisingly the battery was dead, dead, dead (numptey).....

How is this possible?
You left the key switched to 'ignition'?

G 310 GS
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Originally Posted by Matt Skipper View Post
I accidentally left the lights on over the weekend after a very long day at work

You probably shouldn't be using the emergency switch to turn off the engine, always use the ignition, save the emergency switch for emergencies.
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was the time and date set correctly ??
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Modern “smart” chargers can’t always revive a completely dead battery as they monitor the voltage and internal resistance.
If the battery voltage drops below about 4 volts the charger won’t “see” it and will do nothing.
For a completely discharged lead acid battery you are often better with an old fashioned charger.

It should recover as long as it’s only briefly been left completely discharged.

This doesn’t apply to lithium batteries which can be ruined by being completely discharged.
Most have an electronic limiter that will stop the battery from discharging too far.
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I left the key on once and drained it flat, you can jump start the bike and it will indicate it needs a service.

I had to hook a battery up via the jumpers for about 15min to put a small charge into it so it could idle before heading off to work. The alternator is too small to charge the battery at idle according to the dealership.

The service message effectively is the check engine light.

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Forgot about this thread

Yeah left the key in with the power on (was in locked garage so not that bad security wise just an embarrassing reason to be late to work). I think the service reminder just wanted me to set the date again as doing it removed it. Interested to see if it returns once I do another few thousant miles.

Interesting to hear that the old battery could be revived with a better charger. It was heavily discharged and I needed a quick fix so went for the same type from halfords which was fine and pretty inexpensive. Still got the old one it my garage which could make a handy spare if I find a way of resurrecting it. I avoided lithium partly as I am cheap and also because I have heard they don't work too well in the cold and my G310R struggles a little starting in winter as it is.

I tried jumping it from my friends car at the time and I think I tried a push start but either the FI needed too much juice or I just suck because that did not get the bike going

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A Lithium battery will work down to about -20 deg C
If your old battery is still in a discharged state then it’s unlikely to recover now, but there’s no harm in trying.
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