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Home made electronic adapter project

Home assembled might be a better description...

I've been running a dashcam off the 12v adaptor under the seat, and it stopped working recently. I was using an adapter from that nice chap in Canada who sells the on ebay, and I traced the issue back to that component. I actually have two of them, one in the front socket and one in the underneath socket, and the front unit is working fine, only one failed. I contacted the seller for a replacement, and one should be in the post in a week or so. The seller trusted me that the component was genuinely broke and let me keep the older one, which was nice. His ebay URL is here: https://www.ebay.com/usr/kompelec, as an FYI.

So obviously, my next step is to take apart the older one and see if I can fix it.

Well, I think if I was some kind of genius with a solder iron then I could fix it. The 12v transformer magnet thing had come unstuck, probably a bad solder join. As I'm not a genius with a solder iron, I started wondering how practical it would be to make my own at home, especially now that I have the input and output cables spare.

I found transformers here: https://ebay.to/2VzufSM The units are higher spec than I need for the project but cost less than $2, so I figured I'd get three. That way I have spare ones in case the unit dies again, or even one to give/sell to someone else.

Next I got to looking at the actual plug that fits into the BIKE socket, and I realized it had writing on it!! I typed the number TE 1703498 into the Googles, and it took me to a DigiKey page selling the plugs!!

Again, less than $2 each: https://bit.ly/2VxCIGb. I ordered two or them.

Next step, for the sake of completeness, was to google search "USB A female to pigtail". There are plenty of options out there, but I could not find any with the neat waterproof cover that kompelec's have. So instead I just ordered a couple off of some place in Washington state for like $0.99 each. The actual power module itself has screw-in plugs not solder, so I figure that the a dollar each for USB sockets is OK if they are easily interchangeable later on.

Current cost is less than $30 for three adaptors, so about a third of the price of the komplelec components. I have not assembled, tested, or verified that any of it can work, and have not even thought about casing for the adaptors either. I can verify that the kompelec units are pretty good, and when they aren't good kompelec do very good customer service.

Has anyone tried building their own electronics for any bike yet?

I'll post a follow up after, the transformers are not due to arrive until April so it may be a while.

Edit: there are some images in the post, but I can't see them. No idea why. The URLs for them are: https://imgur.com/mWpJH1X & https://imgur.com/r1H1JTq
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I suspect that this is a niche interest, but quick update.

It's likely relevant for posterity/use of BMW & similar bikes everywhere.

The 1703498 sockets arrived quickly from DigiKey, and I learned that the sockets themselves need contacts that are wrapped around the wire and then locked in. This means more components to order, but no problem, DigiKey deliver quickly.The required type is here:


And the TE datasheet explaining how this all works is here:


It's about this time that I also realized that the Dashcam I had came with a USB adaptor and a 12v direct adaptor, and it would make more sense to connect the Dashcam provided adaptor into the plug than build a USB adaptor needlessly, particularly as the adaptors will take about 6 weeks to come from China.

The documents also mention a locking tool, but I can not find any of these for sale anywhere - it appears that there is a global shortage. I'll have to improvise.

What's super cool is that if it works, then I will have found and documented a technique to connect _any_ 12V automotive appliance into the BMW G310 electrics system, which surely must be a good thing to know.

The TE 1.2 mm Locking Lances should arrive in about a week, so I should be able to verify if the technique works at all later this month.
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Final update on this:

The plan works, and is easy to do. It takes a little bit of soldering, but if you are comfortable with a solder iron or know someone who is, then it will cost you $2.57 + tax & postage to put together a plug for either of the two 12v plugs on the BMW G310. If you are in the San Jose area and not concerned by the COVID-19, I have about a couple of extras that I am keeping as spares, but don't mind sharing. I didn't want to go and buy a solder iron for the sake of 10 minutes soldering, so did the work at Sarmi Moto San Jose. They have a very nice soldering iron, so they do.

My first attempt didn't solder the wires in, and it turns out that this is a bad idea: once the lance is in the plug it is hard to get out, but if the wire is not soldered it is very very easy to pull the wire out. This leaves you with a plug and two lances that can not be reused, so be aware and order a few spares. If you do find out a way to remove the lances then share the knowledge!!

I neglected to take a picture of the lances while I was soldering them, but the process is simple. Snip at line 1 to get them off the moulding. Lie the end of the wire in at position 2, and squeeze the metal shut around it. Then add solder to fill in the gap and hold it fast. The entire lance gets hot, so don't hold the lance itself, and don't use a huge amount of solder either. When it's cool again, squeeze the bits of metal at point 3 around the wire. I actually wrapped the arms at position three around the wire before soldering, which made it easier to hold onto.

I also got the pictures to work.

Next Step is to push the lances into their holes. Keep them flat and slide them in, then using something long and thin slide the lance in until it slides no more. The red positive wire goes into hole number 2, and the black negative wire into hole 1. Fun fact: the positive wire went all the way down and I swear I felt a click. The negative terminal apparently had a bit too much solder on, and wouldn't go all the way down. No click was felt, and looking from the open end it was obviously not far pushed all the way down. I expected I would have to rewire it, but I tested it anyway and it worked, saving me a locking lance and a bit of trouble. Yay. Picture of the cables in place #noice:

Killing it with the pictures

Final step was to push the wire through a convenient gap under the seat, connecting the adaptor and the dashcam:

And then plug it into the connector behind the engine and lock it in place with cable ties. Cable ties not pictured:

Thus far the project was successful. I suspect that my laziness in not fixing the soldering on the negative lance may need fixing later, and I absolutely do want to cover up the open wiring around the plug before too long. But I have plenty of spare parts and it's always fun working on the bike, so it's all good.

I hope that this is useful to other BMW G310 riders out there!!
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Very cool! I may be doing something similar soon. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Red 2018 G310GS
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Ole hyvš!

We are in lockdown for the whole of CA right now, so hard to road test much. The socket has been solid for shopping and short trips that we are allowed to go on, and the one long ride in the mountains I got in before the lockdown. I've taped over it to protect from the rain/bike wash, and that seems to work well.

Good luck with the project, and stay well!!
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