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310GS vs crf250L

hello all, lurking here trying to get as much info as possible - I've been considering selling my crf250L and purchasing a 310GS. Has anyone else done the same, or at least spent sufficient time on both bikes for a direct comparison? I'm looking for something a little snappier on the road, yet still completely capable of logging roads & hydro trails...

On a side note, it would be awesome if BMW would come out with an ADV version of the 310GS - basically with all of the rally raid bits installed from the factory! Thanks in advance!
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I don't have a GS but a G310R and I had a Honda CRF250L from 2015 -2016.
Why not make a list. One side the CRF the other the GS you know seat height, weight, all the specs you can pull together. I've found that by taking your time examining the specs, watching you tube reviews you will get closer to the final decision. In my Humble Opinion, your question is not easy to answer, for instance how much off roading do you do, and how much onroad? etc. BUT the single most important thing you have to do.. is go to the dealer and if you can't arrange a test ride, at least sit on a GS. Maybe explain to the dealer what you want to do (with a friendly smile!) and ask politely for a quick test ride.(Once on it you don't do anything of the sort!) Oh and don't forget to clean your CRF before you go, the dealer might want to see it if your intention is to px it. Also it helps to go to the dealer at a quiet time if you can.
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You're comparing an off-road bike that is street legal with a street bike that has some dirt capability. It really depends on where your main focus is.

If you want a street bike that won't go "Eek!" at the thought of a dirt road and you're willing to maintain a somewhat leisurely pace, then the GS is suitable. If you want to tearing down those roads at speed, I'd stick with the Honda.

This is going to be an interesting bike. BMW is aiming it at the new rider market and, as such, it is a bit of a bargain basement bike - nowhere near the build quality of their main bikes. That being said, it's amazing how much quality and tech you actually get for the price - it's just not a R1200GSA - so I wouldn't expect a lot from BMW unless it REALLY takes off. The aftermarket, however, seems to be showing a goodly amount of interest.

IMHO, YMMV and other disclaimers as appropriate.
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As Michael and Blackie have said, this is very subjective type of comparison.
The GS is a "light" off road design. The CRF more "medium" duty.
It all depends on what your after, if you like to be more aggressive off road with the Honda, the GS may disappoint.
Do you like to catch some air with the Honda? The GS bottoms out quickly when landing.
But as you mentioned, with the Rally Raid upgrades it would be more comparable, perhaps better.
With that comes a premium price, so say $6000 for the GS new, plus anywhere from $1000-$3000
for a RR upgrade depending on the level of mod. Now your at $7000-$9000, and still 313cc thumper.
To each is own, so best of luck.

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16 past varieties too numerous to mention
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I am not so sure that I believe it is a "Light" off road bike. It is by no means a Dirt Bike. But after watching and listening to a You Tube Video from MAD TV (
) featuring two of Rally Raids riders putting an UN-modified BMW G310GS into the trails and doing single track riding, they ( and I ) were impressed. Watch the video and I will say yes it needs a few minor mods but it is by no means just a dirt - gravel road bike. I plan on taking mine out in the national forests in the next few months and maybe on some single track desert rides. The only things I plan on doing is adding an aluminum skid plate, some crash bars, some hand guards and some led lights. I am also planning a 2000 mile each way trip across the country (USA) along back roads to see my grandson who is just turning 5.
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Love that review. It's the most informative one I've seen thus far. Just reinforces my decision to buy one of these buggers. I can hardly wait until mine arrives in the next week or so.
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Following on from Zente's post above - the two bikes in question have now been built up with the [pre]production Rally Raid GS 'Adventure' wheel and suspension kits.

please note. Rally Raid Products are in the process of setting up a dedicated thread for the G310GS in the Vendors section, where Mitch and myself will be able to answer any technical and product enquiries you might have very soon - and also share both Amy & Adam's adventure at the APC Rally in Australia, plus my own personal adventures in North America on the baby BMW during the spring and summer.

In the meantime, I hope you like where this bike is heading!

Jenny x
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thanks everybody! that review is awesome, and exactly what I had hoped the gs could handle as far as trails go. It looks to me like the benefit of the GS (vs the 250L) on road far outweighs whatever it loses offroad... Still need to spend some time on one at a dealer, and still want to wait for more reliability reports seeing as how its a new model and everything, but its not really on the short list - it IS the short list if I decide to buy... My dealer is having a demo day in June, definitely plan on checking it out. ( he doesn't even have one in the showroom yet)
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Drop the price of the wheels please hahaha its looks fantastic .....
And the higher screen looks nice to
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The exhaust whats the price name from it and ec aproved?
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