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Question G310GS goes by river?

Hello everyone.

Has anyone had the opportunity to go through some flood or river?

I saw a video on YouTube that the bike just turned off when it came into the river and wanted to know if they all do it?

My main question is whether it was the neutral sensor that turned off the bike or if water entered another sensor? The guy comes in too fast, raising water in front of the bike.

Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=...&v=arjvKzuB-7Q

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More likely it took a big gulp of water through the air intake
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Baby Muffled by Water

I had seen this video before and thought it was a little concerning seeming all of the other bikes made it through. Good news was that it fired up again so I guess it was totally "drowned". No experience riding in this deep of water but seeing this will make me want to apply the brake and not the throttle when I see a large puddle of water. I would also be interested to hear from others their experiences navigating water.
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I think you should talk to Eccles and R1deS1uT


They are the most experienced on river crossing in this forum. hahaha
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Deep puddle

Unfortunately i found a deep 4wd track rut that nearly ate my bike, but the bike did not stall, the water was all the way up tp just below the exhaust outlet and i mean just below. It did not cut out and i was able to stand next to bike and low throttle 1st gear slipping clutch and push the bike out. That will teach me not to check water depth of an unknown track. I did how ever then have issues with the exhaust/oxygen sensor which the local dealer changed under warranty for me. As far as they were concerned a touring bike should be able to handle some water tho they didnít know how deep it was or how long i was in it for.

You Only Live Once.
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I wouldn't be too worried about the exhaust taking in water. If the engine is running not a lot will get in.
The intake side is different however I believe the intake is pretty high, near the triple clamps.
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notice he goes splashing in and you see water come splashing up where the forks are. on the right side the intake snorkel points down. he sucked in a bit of water, if he had slowed down and cruised through he would have been fine.
on Honda's and Kawasaki's and pretty much all your small normal bikes with the intake on the back of the engine, the air box is under the seat with the intake on top. air goes in the top and comes out the front. on the 310 air gets sucked upand makes a turn into the airbox and goes out the bottom of the air box. any water sucked in the snorkel is going in the engine. other bikes having the air box under the seat protects them from splash and the can get some water in the air box without sucking it into the engine. they also often have a drain hose to let that water out.

you can ford across pretty deep water, you just have to take it slow.
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