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ON-BIKE battery charging.

My owner's manual states quite strongly that charging the battery while on the vehicle will damage the 'sensitive electronics'!
I bought one of these 'smart chargers' which has a connector wire so you can have it PERMANENTLY fitted to your bike with a socket positioned so you can conveniently attach to the charger.
I'm assuming the BMW warning is aimed at old style chargers before the 'smart' type became available.
Can someone confirm this so I'm safe to fit (and forget) my connector please?
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Hi Geoff,
I can confirm that the use of modern battery tender chargers are safe to use with the battery connect to the bike. I have always used a Optimate charger and currently use the Optimate 6 which has a more sophisticated charging system and also will automatically test the battery for 24hrs to see if it has maintained its charge after that it will monitor the battery voltage and automatically start charging if it drops this is ideal for the BMW G310 or any bike that is not used regularly or put in winter storage. The difference between the older battery chargers and the Optimate types is they only produce a small voltage output and are called a trickle charger unlike the older or normal battery chargers that produce a higher charge rate and the battery must be disconnected from the bike as the higher charging voltage could/will damage the bike electrical systems. I have used this type of charging system for over 30 years on all my bikes including the new BMW can-bus systems used on the bigger BMWs with no problems, the only problem is you have to get BMW to connect the charging leads to the battery because of the can-bus. The BMW G310 is very basic and does not use the can-bus electrical system so this can be connected with the lead to the battery for permanent connection via a waterproof socket to the Optimate 6 charger. I would advise anyone with a BMW G310 or any small capacity bike to use a battery tender because it is common money saving practice by all manufactures to put cheaper lower capacity batteries in modern bikes and with the low voltage protection of the sensitive of the bike electronics the bikes will not engage the starter when the battery voltage drops.
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my dealer even fitted a on-bike recharge cable to enable easy battery maintenance.
I've used it for 2 years with no problems.
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I have always used an Optimate charger on my bikes for probably over 20 years and never once removed the battery from the bike. In the winter months these have been left on the bike for weeks, the Optimate checks the battery, charges if required and maintains. I have the connection wire for the Optimate permanently fixed to my battery and neatly tucks away under the seat.
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Thanks to everyone for confirming what I assumed. Very much appreciated!

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