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Does it have enough punch

Hi all
I’m returning to biking after previously owning a 1100 super blackbird.
I don’t want a big cc bike any more and looked at a G 310gs. Although I sat on the bike I Haven’t ridden it as I don’t have any gear at the moment.
I want it for commuting on a busy A road with a lot of HGV’s.
Does this bike have the punch to overtake a HGV travelling at 55mph or will I get hung out to dry on the wrong side of the road lol.
I also looked at a Duke 390 which has more punch but I prefer the GS riding position.
Cheers mark
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It's fine for what it is but if you must make progress on your commute you will find some overtaking opportunities best left. My comparator is the SV 650 I ran for twenty years. I don't know how much better the KTM will be but the 390 Adventure surely can't be far away now?
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The G310 engine is very similar to a 125cc 2-stroke, especially when you try to over take someone on the road. Downshift, possibly 2-3 gears depending & rap the engine out to the limiter. It will get you past most. Once you get up to 75-80 mph, it takes awhile to get much more speed, but it will hit 90+. If you are trying to pass someone that is going fast already, you are better off just letting that go. You can easily buzz around someone going 50-65 mph downshifting 2-3 gears & hitting full RPMs.
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Hi Mark ...
its 300cc ... its never going to feel remotely like 1100cc
Go for a test ride.
This is my first 'small' bike for ~25years.
I love it ... very nimble .. as Dave says use all the revs + gears - and it Goes...well [imho]
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This is my first bike. I only rode vanvan200 before from MSF. I always wonder what is the difference between this and 500cc level bike. I am trying to make a decision whether invest RallyRaid suspension or saving some money for a new bike next yr.
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I have the 390 Duke and l have to say the riding position is superb on it, better than any other bike l have owned.

As with the BMW 310 wind blast becomes an issue at higher speeds, but l fitted a screen and it’s much improved.
Similar screens are available for the BMW.

There’s certainly no lack of power in the Duke 390, and looking at road tests the BMW isn’t far behind.

I would say both bikes are similar in build quality
I love the adventure sport version of the BMW 310 that’s just come out, and would probably have bought one if it had been available at the time like bought my Duke.

BTW my last bike was a Z1000 Kawasaki
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Thanks all for your help. I will definitely have to have a demo ride if the BMW and KTM. Maybe wait to see what the Ktm 390 adventure is like when it arrives
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