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Lockdown / Quarantine Projects.

Despite perfect weather and outstanding scenery and destinations all around me, Iím on enforced lockdown at home.
So rather than stare at my bike silhouetted by the blue sky and blistering sunshine, I thought it would be a time for a few projects.
Now as well as being o boredom buster, my main project is fueled by lack of finances as much as availability. I want to add some luggage in the form of Pelican style side cases. These I can buy relatively easily on line, but it was the mounting frames which were my biggest problem.
Although Iím confident enough with fabrication and welding, there is NOWHERE that I could get right bends fabricated to make the frames. So quite some time ago I decided to follow the Shad 3P type of frames (Google it), because they have no complex bending AND when the cases are removed they look pretty innocuous on the bike.
So I sat down on my AutoCAD system and drew the layout drawing attached!

Iím waiting for the tube to be delivered to start.
At the front the tube is flattened, bent and made onto a bracket which picks up on the screw at the back of the rear pegs.
There is another bracket which picks up the fixing screws for the rear carrier which are welded to the tubes.
There are 3 fixing points onto the Pelican cases, and then 1 cross rail between the rear of both cases for extra stability.
The cost of the frame will be extremely small.
Once Iíve made it and proved that it works Iíll post pictures on here together with my CAD drawings so anyone can follow suit.
Wish me luck!

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good project - and time to enjoy your skills.
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I can't promise any pictures of success, but I too have started a "project". I'm trying to learn welding. My intention is to make a tire-change device. Something similar and a mix of MAX2H EVO2 and OLMAX MOTORS Reifenmontiergeršt I have no intentions to start a competing business, just trying to use my time to learn a new skill and maybe save some money. In the end I'm afraid I will spend more on learning than if I bought a ready made device. But I'm also sure I wouldn't learn as much in the later case.
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Good luck with the projects and remember to either disinfect materials you receive or leave them sit for a couple of days before touching.

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Iím back.
Winter is over and the cold is gone.
Itís not that we had a serious winter but the decision to take the car or the beemer ............
But, in the last few days I had the opportunity to put some miles (km) on the clock.
Because of the corona crisis we are able to work at home and my experience is that you can do more in an hour at home (working) than at work weíre everything pops in with questions.
Nice sunny weather, good temperature and a bike that really wants to go out.
I spent 3 days in the saddle and it took some time to get used to the bike and road conditions (and car drivers that are not used to motorcycles after the winter season!!!)
Coming home yesterday I saw two things that were ďinterestingĒ .
1. Riding a motorcycle is not the smartest thing to do now (corona)
2. The amount of infections and death raised quite dramatically.

Ad 1) the reason not to Ride is that if you get involved in an accident, you have to go to hospital (intensive care) and they now need all the beds they have for the virus.
Ad 2) the reason for this rise is the fact that some / most people do not listen to the advice of our government and still go shopping, walking in the woods / beaches and donít take some save distance.

I now spent my time in the house and ďtalkĒ to you by this forum.
The positive side of all is that I now have time to go through the forum topics.

Keep safe, stay healthy and keep in touch.
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Very cool. When it comes time to bend tubing, I've heard an old fabricator trick is to pack sand in the tube to keep it from buckling. I may try to make some engine guards soon, and I believe my resources are as limited as yours. Keep us posted!

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Originally Posted by LeakyTailpipe View Post
Very cool. When it comes time to bend tubing, I've heard an old fabricator trick is to pack sand in the tube to keep it from buckling. I may try to make some engine guards soon, and I believe my resources are as limited as yours. Keep us posted!
Yeh I know about packing the tube with sand to stop collapsing. I don't have any fancy tube bending/forming tools so all I can do is to clamp it in my workmate and do a small bend (say 5 degrees), take it out, move along a little bit, do another 5 degrees and so on until it's bend to the correct angle. So in effect I have a bend which is numerous small increments rather than 1 continuous curve, A little tapping with a hammer and body filler will (hopefully) smooth everything out and make it look reasonable.
Anyway....still no tube to start, but I'll let you know how I get on.
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i don't want to discuss it here, but it annoys me how people lack discrimination. It is mine and other more free-thinking people's opinion that so-called coronavirus has nothing to do with people infecting each other but with 5G radiation poisoning. in fact, you cannot get infected by viruses. they are created inside the body to promote cleansing and healing. do not believe everything that the media are telling you. they make money from creating fear. you are being played.

as you love riding, you need to love you bike
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Yeah, I think India will do just fine with a billion free-thinking people like you Kris.

I'm pretty sure that when millions of people died in 1918 that the 5G network had not been rolled out yet.

I'm also pretty sure that the Apple iPhone hadn't been invented one hundred years ago - can anyone confirm?
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