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Dominator Round Exhaust

I was wanting an aftermarket exhaust for my G310gs, because I never liked the sound of the stock engine, I had no need for a catalytic converter, i was after the extra hp through the mid range and I guess I'm basically a hoon. Was looking at the Akra, Scorpion, Rhemus but having trouble getting my head around the prices when old mate pointed me in the direction of a Polish mob called Dominator. Got onto ebay and found the cheapest for the GS was a stainless steel round at about 1/3 the price of the others. Old mate has a short GP1 pipe on his R and was telling me they were loud but were a good cheap option for my needs.

Lashed out and bought one. Was impressed when it arrived on the doorstep within 10 days. Just fitted it last week and these are my observations.

The Pipe fits both the R and the GS but there is an extra bracket required if fitting to the GS.

The new pipe is much lighter that the stock pipe.

It was a bit fiddley fitting and adjusting the new pipe so it didn't scrape the swing arm. Took 3 sessions to get it right. Best to assemble it without tightening then work along with the spanner.

Getting the oxygen sensor out and in without twisting it too much required a couple of trys.

Also had to be carefull not to strip the 10mm header nuts.

As I said earlier if youre fitting this pipe to a GS you'll need to source a bracket to link the pipe to the rubber mount behind the footpeg (Pic 4). Old mate got a couple from Akra just over AU$50 each.

Over the last week I've been having a blast with my loud growling gs with attitude. Its loud but I'm convincing myself not too loud, it can be ridden relatively quietly when I back off the throttle but it growls when I wind it out through the revs. I reckon that the bike has more torque through the lower and mid revs now, and of course over 7000rpm it still sings beautifully.

One thing I noticed was that the heel of my boot was melting on the pipe and so it was necessary to fit some sort of heat guard where the pipe bends behind the footpeg.

Question: Does a loud exhaust make you ride faster? Yep.

Summary: The Dominator is a great cheap option for G310's, both GS and R, it eleminates the cat, reduces weight, and gives the G310 a chance to breathe. Noticable improvement in low/mid range torque, and you can hear yourself coming. Good Bang for Buck in my opinion. Have a look at their catalogue if you'd prefer a carbon style pipe.

A quick youtube vid of the Dominator

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Excellent review, thank you.
can you put links to the exhaust and tube holder. Tnx
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Is this installed with the catalytic converter and will this effect the warranty?
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No catalytic converter as the original one is inside the silencer/muffler.
Warranty? Likely not, ask your dealer or be a bit crazy. Life is short and you only have one.
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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
Is this installed with the catalytic converter and will this effect the warranty?
Check out the "Exhaust" section in this forum.
Warranty has been discussed extensively.

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Hi were you able to get a dominator exhaust in Australia or from Poland?
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yep ... also fitted one [HP with carbon end cap]
Folks... these are seriously LOUD...
I've added one of these ; -
and improved the baffle ... now it just loud.!!
As Pete says a good bit of kit.
Take your time fiiting it to clear the swing arm. ( btw I un-plugged my sensor, so as to not twist it).

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the hp3 model is really nice!
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Hi Zsolt,They wont let me reply to your PM as Im still a junior, so I hope this gets to you.

Yes I got the longer Round exhaust. It comes with the exhaust pipe and bolts onto the manifold. I had to also get a rubber metal mount from Akrapovič to fit it behind the footpeg as described in my post.

I reckon they're great bang for buck. been on the bike for a year now. Lost the db killer on the first ride, it needs to be nut locked on. Its quite loud but
I like the bark that it gets and it sounds like a real bike. Its not ridiculously loud and I think it gives the bike balls. btw mine goes a lot faster than 80k/h I sometimes get comments about the loudness from other riders.

I have dropped the bike once and the pipe got some dints in it as the steel is quite thin. Besides that I'm happy with the kit. I would however consider one of the carbon tipped more expensive ones if I bought another, just for looks.

Sorry it took a month to reply. Pete

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