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G 310 R Road Test With VisorDown

Reading about the G 310 Rs specs is one thing, but riding it around local streets is another matter and VisorDown had the chance to do just that in the UK.

BMWs first foray into the sub-500cc motorcycle world is powered by a 313cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine producing 34hp. That number may not seem that impressive to some, but contributor Steve Farrell found it to be lively with reasonable pull in fourth gear at speeds as low as 30mph. Though he did find it lacking between 8,000rpm and 10,000rpm, a range on the power band that the G 310 R does not like being in.

But the G 310 Rs handling should make up for it thanks to a short wheelbase of 1,374mm and light weight of 158.5kg. Shift the bars a little and the chassis is more than happy to respond. Steve finds that it turns more readily than Theresa May. Although thankfully with more stability. Suspension isnt too bad either with KYB 41mm upside-down forks soaking up hard braking and pre-load adjustable shock. In fact, he thinks the suspension setup may be too sporty for its targeted market.

Theres plenty to like on the G 310 R; a digital dash displaying everything you need, disc lock perfectly fitted under the seat, standard ABS and of course its body styling reminiscent of the S1000R.
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