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WillyR50S’s advice may be sound, but I have run my F800GS’s tank dry twice unintentionally (before BMW recalled the faulty fuel-level sensor in early model F800GSs), twice intentionally (to test the bike’s range with the replacement sensor, with a gas can strapped to the rack), and once stupidly (because I’m stupid) alone out in the middle of nowhere in northern Nevada. And I’ve ridden in to a gas station on fumes more times than I can remember. But that F800GS’s fuel pump has now pumped >88K miles of gas through itself without missing a beat. Maybe I just got lucky, but it seems that running the tank dry doesn’t necessarily do any damage to the fueling system.
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I always fill my gas tank in time because most of the time I am riding, I donít know when the next fuel pump will come.
On most motorways it is not a problem to get fuel but once you are riding backroads or in the mountains ....... itís a different story.
I know the maximum limit is more and less 300 km so every 200 - 250 km I refuel and feel happy.
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Went for a long ride the other day and you quickly realise that even though its a great economical bike, 11L can run out quickly.... especially after 300km where naturally i started to see what the bike can do getting up to motorway speed going past 6000rpm.
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Hi everyone, i have done 2200km with my bike and with 8 - 8,5 liters of fuel, drive aproximatelly 250 kms . I drive mostly in the city and usually until 6000 rpm .
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My average at the moment is around 32 -35 km to a liter
This with highway and backroad use.
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hi guys,

I have done 3000++ kms in my bike filled 9x times averaging 10-11 liters every fill average 33-35kms achieved in Singapore driving 60% highways and normal roads average speed 48-55kms. my top speed is 153 km/hr tested few times. This is similar to MT-03 my old 2nd bike and X-max 300 3rd scooter which is more efficient can get 43kmpl in same driving pattern as per my driving route to work-home.
GS 310 fuel warning lits up at 2 bar fuel left. And range is varying and not accurate I got fed up. I just ride 300++ kms once filled my tank 10-11 liters I did this several times and reset trip 1 only leaving trip 2 to continue for 1000kms about 3-4times filling the tank then it shows range accuracy gets better and I did ride until 0 kms and further 55kms until the E bar flashes then everything became normal and the gauge works better warning come up around 1 bar and flashes E when almost empty.
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I ride north of Sydney deep into the forest and there is no fuel available. So added additional 3.7l (1 Gal). Recently did this loop and got back with the low fuel light on. keep in mind this dirt roads, high revs and low speed riding. So not the most economical way to ride.
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Sydney, Australia

2018 G310GS
2015 R1200R
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I canít help but feel a little disappointed with the fuel consumption of my GS so far.
As a comparison between my V-Strom650, a heavier bike with panniers, my XMAX which is also a little heavier but with almost identical engine size and power, and the G310.... the VStrom regularly gave me 25 to 27 km/l, the XMAX 38 to40km/l, but as far as I can tell, Iím getting about 33km/l from the GS.
This is on EXACTLY the same
Iím roads (a mixture of twisty mountain roads with the occasional short straight) and hardly ever at more than 6000rpm!
I might add that the XMAX is considerably quieter and faster and smoother! So for now Iím a little disappointed with the Ďsuperiorí German engineering experience. Itís just as well it looks so good!

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I usually get a bit less than 200 miles per tank before the gas light comes on.

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Iím happy with the fuel consumption of my R.
Depending on how (fast) I drive, its 31 -35 km / liter.
Every time I fill up, I write down the amount of kmís and liters and can calculate the average fuel consumption.
I usually fill up before the orange light goes on and when I see it lighten up, I try to get fuel as soon as possible.
I had to push my R65 with full fairing, panniers and luggage some time ago and no ...... not again 😜😜😜😜
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