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Cool Ivo

i live in Yeppoon[Queensland],Australia.Few months ago i bought in Caloundra[closest bmw dealer] BMW G310 GS[2018] to partially replace my much slower mountain bike.So,i will share here at forum all details, about my new motorbike, that somebody can benefit from it.
To start i paid $au 6990.00 with 12months free rego and 3years warranty+free road side assistance.From your and other forums i learned problems about shaking front head light,cush drive rubber.After first few kilometres riding in daylight back home[600km]i notice, same drivers were flashing lights on me, confirming,shaki headlight.I fix it temporarily with soft plastic above and under headlight.Next reserve light went off at 81km range.Filled up with 91 unleaded petrol-8.36litres.Means 2.64litres was left in tank, when range was 81km.Search for factory plug and play 2 accessory plugs was quick and short[thank to forum].They are cable tight on left hand side upper corner behind headlight.I got carefully headlight out, removing only 2 bolts on left and right side.Since about 2 000km i noticed back sprocket can be moved by hand back and forward 3-4mm.Now at 3 700km slack is about 5-6mm,not much side movement.I phoned for replacement,because,dont know, if other parts will be affected by this movement.hope,that replacement will be better rubber.Fuel consumption is as advertised 3.3litres at 90km/hour.I go sometimes faster, so,end up about 3.6l/km.
Tire pressure 30 p.s.i and front 27 p.s.i.Went to 38 p.s.i but felt more confidence on road/offroad with lower pressure.
Workshop manual nowhere to be seen.My sister lives in Germany,so,she will find out very soon and send it to me.
That is about all so far, what i know about my bike.Considering to buy cheap, basic, reliable motorbike gps with australian maps[topo also].i believe, that only on forums riders truthfully review their own experience with gps and other gadgets.
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