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Running in

Iím running my new bike in - not going past 6k rpm - itís a bit boring but got to be done
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Agreed, but if you just get out and slog around for a while each day it goes by rather quickly. Then all you have to remember, says BMW, is no full throttle operation for the first 1000 miles. Then it's off to the races and what fun that is.
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You have to learn hoe to walk before you can run 😂😂😂
And ...... itís only 1000 km.
As advised, take the bike a few days in a row and eventually ........ yeah, 1000 km on the clock.
Remember that after the first service, built your revs / speed up to max. In some extra kmís.
Enjoy 😇
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Regarding Running in, I'm just throwing it out there, not looking for or trying to start an argument, however consider this...
A few years ago were I used to work, we had a fleet of cars that were changed over to Volvo estates. 2 new cars arrived, one of these was carefully run in and the other was used as a pool car and not too fine a point on it was not run in at all, it had a hard life from day 1.
5 years later when these cars were due to be replaced, the 'not run in' car, was not replaced because it was by far the better car even tho had higher mileage, and had far less spares replaced - I was responsible for parts ordering, service and maintenance schedules.
Just saying......
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OK, Tukemeister, I tend to agree with you, I don't think you need to molly-koddle engines these days.
In fact there are plenty of reports that suggest - as you have - that "breaking - in" an engine, is just that.!
Modern engines (even indian bmw's) are built of some pretty impressive materials.
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Actually, more so than the materials, it is the manufacturing tolerances and the automation that goes into achieving them which leads to the lack of need for a proper, old-school Run-in.
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