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Air filter?

I haven't seen anyone mention the air filter yet. Most likely due to the fact most don't have enough miles to warrant a change but nonetheless, does anyone know how you access it?
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Been wondering where it was myself
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Originally Posted by Tactical_r3dn3ck View Post
Been wondering where it was myself
A parts diagram is available here:

Doesn't do much good about how to get to it though.
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My guess would be under the front of the tank plastics
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Tactical is right,

Air box is under the tank plastics, close to the steering.

Plastics must be removed to gain access.

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I've registered my interest on the K&N site for one of their lifetime filters for both the 310R and 310GS.

The garage

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Just noticed Wunderlich is now offering a high flow Air Filter (can't post links for some reason, but it's easy to find it on Wunderlich website) but no reviews so far Looks very similar to a K&N. I'd love to install K&N product but they don't seem to be interested in producing a dedicated G310R/GS air filter. Question is now is there any difference in riding performance? Is there any tuning required to get any benefits from installing the filter? - I would assume NO as ECU & Labmda should take care of the necessary adjustments? Anyone tried these high flow air filters?
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Having used K & N s on my airheads, they worked OK. The R65 only had 178,000 on the odometer when it died-the odometer not the bike. Rings were checked at around 150K miles and end gaps were still good. GM did a study and showed the Delco filters did a better job than K & N-unbiased of course. K & N filters need to be cleaned and re-oiled regularly which still involves removing tupperwear. BMW filters meet warranty requirements and cost less than $20.00 so until either the three years or the 36 K miles, it would make sense to use factory filters.

On the airheads, I noticed no difference in performance with either filter, but it was not exactly a high power machine nor is the 310.
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K&N company thanks to its clever marketing managed to convince people that their filters are so great, when they are in fact crap. I used them on my bikes, and they were always black on the inside, which means that they let the dust in and kill the engine. air filter is meant to filter, at least that's the idea. furthermore, unless you enrich your mixture and change the map, free flow air filters cause the bike to run weaker. oem filter is much superior. if anything, foam filters (saturated with special oil) are great, such as from UNIFILTER company in Australia. I installed their filter on crf250. As I live in dusty conditions, I am planning to put some kind of pre-filter, on the snorkel to block the dust. I did it on my Tiger 800, and my main filter is always clean, which is important because to access it one has to take off the tank, which is pain.

by the way, where is the snorkel located in gs? even putting pantyhose on the snorkel will block most of the dust. it is actually rather amazing. i put a sock made from one layer of pantyhose on my external K&N filter (when i used because i did not know any better) and the filter underneath remained clean. which actually proves that pantyhose is a better filter than k&n filter
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