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Stopping at stop signs

Got 'hit' yesterday because I stopped at a stop sign, the driver must have assumed I ran the stop sign because I approached it pretty fast and stopped on the line.

Just as I was taking off I felt a little sideways nudge on the back tyre as I was turning right. I initially thought I must have slipped on something on the road, but then looked behind and saw the car stopped about half a meter over the stop line, I just shook my head and rode off.

Lesson: keep an eye on cars behind you, if they're getting to close for comfort just honk and/or take off
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Good advice. As a matter of routine, I always check my mirrors when coming to a stop to check for cars approaching too fast. Would not be able to do much about it, but at least would be prepared. I was once bumped into by a car in stop-and-go traffic on a motorcycle, and rear-ended modestly to really hard in cars 4 times (each time the driver was a woman but I'm sure that's just coincidence).

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Yeah, let's all be careful. Both of my close calls this summer were with cars from behind.

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It is wise to let the ones behind you know in time you are going to stop or go to the left/right
Most car drivers are very busy doing something but not paying attention to other traffic.
Why should they because there is nothing that can harm them.😜😜😜
The advice to use your mirrors is very good. As stated herefore, use your break light several times (flashing) and watch, if possible because most of the time there is more traffic then only the one behind you, what the one behind you is doing.
Also ..... stay in gear. If that car is coming to you very quick, you need to get out of the way ASAP and your first/second gear can save your a..!
Stay safe and keep your eyes open 😇
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Better not to come to such an abrupt stop unless you have no choice. Coming to a smoother stop gives the driver more time to notice that you are slowing down. If you are doing most of your slowing by letting off the throttle or downshifting, put enough pressure on the front brake to turn on the brake light a reasonable distance before the STOP.

The 310GS also has a major nose dive when coming to quick stops then rebounds. As I am shorter and have enough trouble with foot on the ground, the rebound almost throws you off balance.

Good thing you did not get hurt.

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I installed day time bicycle running lights just for this situation. The strobe light lets drivers know that I'm ahead of them at least 300 feet away while the white strobing front-facing lets oncoming traffic see me at least 600 feet away. I don't ride on the streets without these two lights.

I have asked a driver who turned left in front of me in the middle of day-light, and he told me he didnt see me. After I installed the lights, there have been only two drivers who turned in front of me and they did it knowing that I was there.
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Originally Posted by porth View Post
Got 'hit' yesterday because I stopped at a stop sign, the driver must have assumed I ran the stop sign because I approached it pretty fast and stopped on the line.
That’s a possibility.
An other is that, like a lot of people, he (she?) was “driving” only by following your behavior and not “in the absolute” (i.e. aware of everything around him/her).

I can see a lot of this here in my area, as if there were no rules of the road, as if you (evil !) take all his air: go as fast as you can until someone in front of you makes the pace-car. Stay as close as you can for a while, then go over and ... oops, I'm going too fast (now I can be flashed)... and slow down
Beyond being dangerous, it's just pathetic.
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