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Fork tube oil leak

Approaching*my bike after lunch today, I find the black casting on the end of the fork, the one holding the wheel axle and the brake calliper is very shiny.
Touch it with a finger= Yep oil.
First reaction, well there goes a cheap Indian fork oil seal. No biggie, its on warranty.

So the dealer is on my way going back home. Step in to the service door, the service advisor recognizes me! Good start, I tell him about the fork seal, he looks up surprised and immediately says Show me! Confirms the presence of oil and drives it right in to a lift and a tech.

After about 10 minutes comes back to fill a work order and tells me :

"We have to order a new fork tube and brake pads, its not the oil seal it is the join between the fork tube and the lower casting, we will call you when the parts arrive from the Fatherland. Apart from this problem, do you still like the bike ?"

Well people, with service like this and the fun I'm having with the bike, my answer is "More than ever"
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Wouldn't you like it even more without the leak?

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Sure, but they are directly addressing the problem and I can still use the bike until it's replaced.

My post is to make people aware of the possibility of this thing happening.

IT's not as if it was a "common" problem, many of the bikes on the forum have much more mileage on them than mine.
So I can look at this as a manufacturing defect that is being recognized and corrected by the dealer and manufacturer with no hassle.

Stil love the bike as it is designed, and the way it is taken care of heightens my confidence in the dealership.
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Yep, big plus on the service from BMW. It's only when there are intermittent problems that some dealers might get a bit difficult if they can't recreate the problem.
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