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Unhappy Bike completely dead, no clue what's wrong


Two weeks ago, I was going to work and as I was on low fuel (6km left) I stopped at the fuel station. When I arrived my bike stalled (and I got the battery signal on the dash). I thought it was because I had no more fuel left. I fuelled up and when I tried to restart, nothing.
I had nothing at all. The fuel pump didn't worked when turning on the bike. When I pressed the starter, I had no noise of it turning, nor the relay. I decided to start it by pushing it as there is a sligh slope at the fuel station but when it started, it stalled instantly. Of course I check at the kill-switch to see if there were a bad contact but no.
So I got my bike towed to the garage where I bought it.
From what the mechanic said, the battery was completely dead when he got the bike. He changed it, the bike started once but the battery drained and the bike was pumping current. It seems that there is an electrical leak on the bike.
This is the situation from now.

I will let you know what happened to the bike when it will be fully repaired. For now, I got a loan bike : a brand new g310r with 36km on it (so I have to run-in it)
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Well that's odd. Only one start from a new battery then it's completely dead?
That's one big draw. Could be so many different things, from TWO crappy batteries, to bad connections, etc.
Upside is, it's under warranty and you got a loaner until the seller figures it out.

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Quick update,

As the mechanic said, it seems to be the starter's stator which produces an electrical shortcut.
But it seems to be a month and half for a new starter to be delivered (to France).. So I will update later when the bike will be repaired (hope it will).

And the loaner bike I got is already at 1000 km so I should bring it for first check up. By the way, there seems to be changes from the loaner bike which is 2018 and mine which is a 2017 essentially the gearbox and also it's strange but I feel it is more powerful than mine.. maybe I forgot how mine was behaving. I will be fixed when I will get it back.
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BMW G310GS Bad Alternator/Stator

I had something similar happen to me. My bike has 2560miles on it and on 9/4/18 on my way to work, the bike just died. Thankfully I was close to a gas station and I was able to push it there. BMW had the bike towed to a BMW dealer that was not the one I purchased it from, because it was more than the 50 miles for the road side assistance. After some testing, they found that the Stator was bad. The story gets better, because they tell me that the part will not be available til the end of November. So now my bike will be at the dealer for about 3 months before I will get it back. I called BMW customer service and they say the same thing. They also say that there are no loaner bikes available. They said that they will look into some type of compensation for me, but they make no guarantees. So here I am, with no bike for probably 3 months.
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Same thing happened to Zente and me on the same day this summer.

Stator bad, battery dead and replaced on warranty.

Insist, call BMW regional or national office. Waiting 3 monts not acceptable.

In both our cases, BMW ordered the dealer to take parts off a unsold bike to put us on the road again.

And that's what we expect from less!
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I fortunately didn't have that experience but I'll agree with bbbelanger here... 3 months and they will "look into it" but "no guarantees" and you're just sitting and waiting? This is unacceptable
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Time to read the warranty, I'm sure it says something about this type of situation. Plus I am sure that they can Fedex a bunch of new stators from whichever supplier these come if really they wanted to. Has got to be cheaper than providing a loaner for 3 months.

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Same issue here, Stator. Bike died on me last Monday, pushed it 2.5 hours to a friends place (closest place, no nearby station or anything open at 10pm), not sure how long the bike will take to repair, the place I bought it from has been garbage with communication, even ringing them and sending them emails get's nothing more than a simple reply. No loan bike either or even a mention of anything like that.

I just hope I get a new part for my near new bike as I was told they would "find me a part".
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Hi Pen,
Sorry to hear about your bike. Having to push your new bike 2.5 hours to a safe place must have been aggravating and a little embarrassing. I'm glad to hear that you are safe. Have you had any update on parts for your bike. I hope they can fix yours faster than what they are saying for mine. If they can't, I would start to wonder if something is going on. Please let us know what happens. I will keep the site updated as things progress with my bike.

Best regards
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Hi Timekeeper,

No I haven't heard anything yet, they never gave me a time period either, I couldn't get a word in over the phone before they hang up on me. Sent them emails as well and nothing, when ever I ring I either get put on infinite hold or get told they will ring back, they don't ring back. I've taken the hint and will just leave it in their hands.

Bike broke down out West Auckland, hills, busy back-roads, lucky my friend was there to go get his car so we had some hazard lights to help with safety, after an hour of pushing we both saw the funny side of it and started having a good time, definitely a crazy story to tell in the future.

If you don't mind how long did they (I'm assuming your from NZ and sent yours to Cyclespot?) give for your bike repair/service?

I'll update this when/if I ever hear back, at this moment I fear my bike has been forgotten in a corner of a workshop forever.
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