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Cold Start Issue in Chinese market

Hello People,

Recently, there is a huge group of 310 owners cannnot start their bike in northern China. I saw the video, the start only rev for probably .001sec ish. Then the motor gave up. People saying that was a bad battery issue. But I saw the discussion about cold start issue from past posts, it does not seem the same. Old posts are talking about decompression, timing and etc. I am also guessing something was wrong when BMW lower the power output of 310 for Chinese market.

People are complaining they dont expect BMW for such expensive bike (7-8k USD) and from BMW. (I am an engineer, I know nothing with wheels can guarantee no problem at all out of the assembly line, that is why we have recall. but public opinion was there.) Meanwhile, a lot of commercial id (probably some Chinese manufactures seems ) on Chinese social media are using this big scale unhappy accident promoting their social media id and their bikes. They make 310 owners like fool (it really hurts). Some social media ids are promoting BMW is not responding to owners, like abandoning Chinese owner, but it just happened recently.

Many owners of bikes with lower mechanical and electronics reliability are laughing at 310 owners in China simply because they can start the bikes in low ambient temp. But actually they have more reliability issues. BTW, Versys and Duke owners now are also laughing at them as well (I mean they are all good bikes, so sad for 310 owners in China). Owners with different bikes are like enemies in China, keep defending their choice everyday (I mean we all want to make sure we did the good choice. but they are defending themselves in a bad way)

I am curious does some owner from cold area like Russia can start their bikes well. I live in WISCONSIN, it is cold winter now and I have no issue with starting (but I am going to store my bike anyway). Right now, I just want to figure out what is going with the bikes of my poor Chinese 310owners.

Sorry for a such long post. As a Chinese and a owner with non-Chinese 310 bike, I think I am probably the only few people can explain what is going on over there, so I really want to help them.

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would you know at about what temperature and what altitude above sea level they encountered this failure to start issue?

I have a 1980 Suzuki GS1000G that when the temperature got down to, or below 40*f (4*C) all it would do at best was a slight stumble, it was due to the enrichment circuit (choke) not adding enough fuel to reliably start due to the relatively lean idle jetting. changing the low speed jetting up one size cured it.

the problem they are experiencing is essentially the same, the ECM is not adding enough fuel. with fuel injection it is going to be a mapping issue. cold the ECM relies on a set map to determine how much fuel. that map needs adjustment.

there are piggy back controllers that can be programmed to correct for the problem. EGK makes very popular ones but they don't make one specifically for the 310 but might be able to adapt one to work.
they are very help full and respond quickly to inquiries.
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BMW better fix this fast.
Sorry but I live in Southern California so my experience with the 310R is only with warm starts. But when I was living in Switzerland, my Honda 300 never had any problem starting in freezing temperatures.

2018 G 310 R, 2016 C 650 Sport and 1976 (!) Yamaha XS650
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Hi whatever,
yes its a very perplexing problem that bmw do not seem to have properly looked into or fully sorted out.
The Cold Start thread : -
gives many ideas to try, but I'm afraid the real solution still seems to evade us.
I'm guessing the real solution will just cost bmw too much.
My own experience of adding more miles does seem to have loosened up the engine to enable a less laboured engine turn-over, which just about helps cold starting.
Good Luck...
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Most of cold start issues happened probably around 0C. Like Beijing, they have 50 cases last week. Beijing is only 50m above sea level. I heard a lot of theories about fuel map at cold start mode by ECU is not good enough. But they are all guesses, so it is hard to tell. I personally learned a lot about IC engine knowledge for my master degree, this cold start has so many possibilities, it just bothers me.
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So you had the issue, but you dont have them anymore? That sounds interesting and weird
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I am so jealous of you could ride for the most of yr. I probably need to move to west coast simply because I can ride
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Originally Posted by whatever View Post
I am so jealous of you could ride for the most of yr. I probably need to move to west coast simply because I can ride
Never snows in Sydney.
The coldest we ever get is 0 degrees C (32F) and by lunchtime it always reaches at least 13 degrees C (55F). And that's in the dead of Winter.
I think the issue is the cold start fuel mapping and have found holding the start button on until it actually runs (rather than just fires) is the current solution. It's like the bike doesn't realise it is cold until it is started.
It's not a complicated fix and a computer engineer should sort it out once they recognise it is a problem.
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These days is slightly cold in Rome, morning the temp. is close to 5-6 C.
The morning its not a problem since the night the bike is in the garage. During the day the bike is parked outside my office, the evening when going back at home I had problems just once. Since then, to avoid cold start issues I use only premium fuel (100 octanes). No problem but, have to say, never had temperature below 5 C

I was wondering whether the problem could be partly solved by substituting the IAT sensor with a modified one which providing a measure of temp lower than the real one, makes ECU to increase the quantity of fuel.
I have it on my big GS (and previously on F800) and works fine. I have to check whether the guy that modifies the sensor has ever had any experience with G310 IAT sensor
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Originally Posted by whatever View Post
I am curious does some owner from cold area like Russia can start their bikes well.
No need to be in Russia, in The Netherlands it is cold today!

Issues on my G310GS have gone!
In the past it would not start cold <10°C.
And several attempts were impossible as the startmotor did not run / stalled.
It went back to the garage two weeks ago.

After being back, the temperature was raised above 10°C and it started difficult, but it started..

Today it was below 0°C, but I could start as long as I wanted.
This was new for me. The startmotor did not stalled like before.
And after giving it a little throttle, the 310 immediately started!

Just when 10°C was reached I pulled off the throttle and the BMW was able to run for itself.

Before I was riding an G310R, to my first experience this was always a difficult starter - warm or cold.
After the first start and 'fire', it immediately stalled after releasing the start button too quickly.
The trick was to keep pressing the starter button, and at the second 'fire' it always kept running.

Today I pressed the starter button while the engine was running. And I think this is safe.
There was no noise from the starter. I have tested this especially to be sure. No need to do it a second time.

So you (they) can always press until it starts.
If it doesn't start, give it a little throttle and keep doing this to warm up te engine.

When the startmotor is stalling, the BMW dealer has to repair the machine!

Dutch cheers!
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