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Motorway / Highway riding

Hey all,

I took delivery of my new G310R on Monday this week - so far I love it... I last had a Suz Bandit in 2008 so getting back in the saddle has been fun... however... I'm wondering if I made the right choice...

My concern is on motorway riding... whilst I don't intend to do a lot of motorway riding it does seem to be very revvy at motorway speeds and surely this cannot be good for the longevity of the engine?

Do we know how these bikes hold up with a lot of prolonged riding at speed?
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Once its 'run-in/broken in' it'll be fine.
If you were to do more motorway riding you could change the sprokets to lessen the revs at m/w speeds.
modern engine materials + good oils will cope with all that.
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were are you from and what is your highway max speed.
I know many members commute on motorways / highways and they do fine.
I ..... hate motorways even with my previous bigger bmwís.
If I can, I trailer the 310 to the nice areas.
If I, by any change or I have no choice, take the motorway, with different max. Speeds (100 / 120 or 130 km/hr) I always cruise not at max speed but the speed I and bike feel comfortable at (usually around 110 km/hr)
Remember, itís not a racing bike but a nice bike you can use in various conditions.
Ride safe.
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Just ride the crap out of it.
I commute every day, and I take it to near red-line every day.
On the freeway, I'm 50-1000 rpms from redline all the time.
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I use mine as a commuter every day and most of the miles are fast. Since you used the term "motorway", I suspect you speak metric so I will try. I have almost 9,000 Km on my 310r. My commute includes a long uphill portion where everyone is driving at least 135 KM. So many of my miles are like that, and no issues. Well only issue being I don't have much more power to get out of the way of the maniacs going 160 km like I do on the 700gs. But as far as durability, it is doing well. My dealer has a 310gs he rode on a on Iron Butt...a 1600KM 24 hour trip and it did well sustaining the beating Personally I would not want to ride all day every day like that but for my 20 min commute each way I have no issues.

BMW 310r
Yamaha TW200
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I have about 24,500 MILES on my 2018 G310GS currently and I ride the **** out of it. It sees 75 to 80mph every day. I have taken it across the entire USA and back from California to Georgia and back. I have never been slow with my bike except for its first break in. I am 64 years old and when I was young my father who was an aircraft and rocket specialist told me something I live by to this day. After you break it in drive or ride it as hard as you will during its life. If you drive it easy it will set the rings and cylinders to an easy pace and will develop a wear pattern that you should drive or ride easy throughout its life, otherwise run it hard and let it set a higher wear pattern within the cylinder and that way you can drive it easy or hard with out any ill affects. I have never had a bike or car I own last less than a couple hundred thousand miles. The dealer has been doing full checks on my bike at every service and recording the data for me. My valves are still well within tolerance with no adjustments, my pistons and cylinders show no signs of abnormal wear ( checked with a bore-scope ). My chain has yet to be replaced, my first set of tires wore out at 18000+ miles, and I just changed my set of rear break pads and they still had wear left on them. I say break it in, and beat it up, it can take it. This little bike likes high revs don't be shy with it.
But this is just my opinion.

( 24 years in the aerospace industry doing high precision calibration and metrology, 20 plus years building and rebuilding autos, trucks, aircraft, and motorcycles, and working with tolerances that range into the millionths of an inch ( .000005 ) and I still don't know squat.
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