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Originally Posted by Eccles View Post

I do think that the 2.5 - 2.9 bar (36 - 42psi) pressure are way too high for this bike, that is for the 230 - 270Kg boxer bikes with firm side walled PR4's or Angel GT's.
Im agreeing with Eccles. I was planning to go drop down to 30-34psi on the next ride. maybe I should go down to 25-28 just to see.

I also jacked up the pre load on the rear suspension to the 4th notch on todays run which made the bike feel more solid over bumps and got rid of a spongy feeling that I was getting occasionally.

Took the afternoon to ride to a dirt road through Yarriabini National Park. Sun was out after morning showers and the road was dry. I found a good well graded gravel road through beautiful forest that climbed up a small mountain with fantastic views of the coast. Up until now most of my riding has been on tarmac except for a few distastrous trips down dirt tracks ending up in me dropping the bikes so I've been spending a bit of time on you tube looking at dirt riding basics. The two I worked on today were standing on the pegs with weight over the front wheel and NOT using my front brake. I was riding pretty cautiously and pleased to find the engine breaking combined with abs rear wheel brake worked well on down hill gravel.

It was magical in the forest and exactly what I wanted from the 310GS. When I got to a servo I had 200ks on the trip meter, took 7 ltrs which worked out 28.5ks/l. I decided to try 98 octane and for the 50k run home on the highway thought the engine ran very smooth, i think an improvement. Im really bonding with this little bird, it just keeps on ticking boxes. loving it, on all roads.

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