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Getting used to the GS

I did reduce the tyre pressure from 34-38psi to 26-30psi, just a touch above 25-28psi in the manual, for todays ride. It was hard to notice any discernable difference to tell the truth. I rode on bumpy patch work tar, well graded dirt, sand, highway, back to loose gravel and finally fast 100kph+ twisties on good hot mix. The bike stuck like glue all day especially on the fast bit. It was weird that there was little difference though.

Had another cracker run looking for new dirt, first along a sandy track by the river, then I travelled up some valleys. The valleys up here are bitumen for the first 40 or so Ks then turn into dirt. Each Valley also has these dirt roads spanning the ridges to the next valley 40ks along, and it was these roads that Ive been wanting to explore on the GS. I did about 180ks, today, at least half of it on dirt.

There had been a rally through many of the roads over the weekend and gravel was spread everywhere but generally they were in quite good condition. Although Im only crawling along at 40 or 50kph I'm feeling more confident the more I ride and a couple of times I opened it up to 70 and the bike stayed stable. Had one Ohcrap! moment when I leaned the bike into a corner and lost grip but I managed to stay upright. The big thing is staying off the front brake especially on the down hill stretches. Hardly saw a car all day. These roads are generally well graded for log trucks and the school bus, but are nearly all loose gravel and you never know what's around the corner, that plus erratic phone coverage and riding solo means caution before thrills. Despite this it was a great ride with thunderstorms circling, and it was a nice contrast when the roads turned back to tar and I could let rip.

The only weird thing was several times the engine idle went up to 4000rpm and would get stuck there. Im going to have to get the BMW shop to do a diagnostic scan to see whats malfunctioning. Only problem so far, and up to 700ks in 3 days, will have to get its run in service organised.

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