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Stay out of peoples blind spots, position yourself on the road where others can see you, coming up on a crossroad - position yourself (left or right of the lane) so that any cars coming out of the crossroad will see you earlier rather than too late. I also like to weave from side to side in the lane to make sure that approaching turning cars and cars in side streets see me (cars are more likely to see a weaving bike coming towards them than a bike traveling straight, it's just the way the eye works).

Always know that you have extra lean in reserve, i.e. don't hesitate and crash into a barrier, rather lean and ride through the turn (or at the very worst slide sideways into the barrier). Don't look at the barrier, always look where you want to go. Look at your tyres, those chicken fillets mean that you have an extra 30-40% lean when you really need it.

If you haven't done a riding course do one!
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