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As a beginner, I found it helpful to being able to master the clutch control, especially when coming out of alleys/vertical pathways and you need to make a hard right without being in danger of popping to the opposite traffic line. It may sound second nature but as you go up in motorcycle weight, it gets progressively harder to make sharp turns from a standstill. Personally, in terms of control, this video gave me the most gains and helped me immediately become better:

Another thing I found very useful since -again- I'm a beginner is that like the above said, it's very easy to underestimate how much lean you have left. Most of the time people brake mid-turn when they see that they can't pull through, but the trick is to accelerate and lean; and like porth stated earlier the worst case scenario is that you'll slide. This has saved me once where I misjudged a turn and I was lucky to not have instinctively pulled the brake lever.
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