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To all owners, How are the Brakes?

Been reading a lot of reviews and they say the brakes are pretty soft. Most reviewers seem to be on either brand new bikes or demo's with very few miles / kilometers on them. So to the new owners out there how do the brakes feel to you. Can you stop quickly? Does the front brake seem to be soft and require a good amount of rear brake applied to achieve good stopping power? Also do they seem to get better as you break in the bike overall? Any other comments are greatly appreciated while I await my G310GS.
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Brakes are definitely beast. I generally tend to avoid using brakes altogether if I can help it, but a two times I had to use them full-force due to reckless drunk drivers (I should stop riding on Saturday nights). I was riding at about 75-80km/h steadily and I reached 0 km/h in about ~1.5-2 seconds. First time ABS kicked in, second time I didn't need ABS but I noticed I came to a stop slightly slower.

Front brake is solid, rear brakes feel a bit iffy. I mainly use them in conjunction to front braking or if I'm cruising at 20-30km/h in the city or if I'm taking some sharp turns, for better balance.

They definitely feel better with usage though, I remember they were pretty stiff and felt like they were "sliding" on the wheels rather than making friction with them on the first few kilometers.
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You could try emergency stopping, or quick braking in a perking lot with the g310r and see how they feel to you. I think brake pads should be relatively easy to change out and they make a noticeable difference at a relatively low cost.
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Brakes definitely have to be broken in a little bit, much like tires need to be scrubbed a bit too. It helps them bed in properly and once they've been bedded, they're good to go and will feel a good amount different from when they were brand new. They'll feel better.
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Brakes are getting sharper at 1000 miles, when ever possible the engine is the best brake, I think !
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Don't use the rear much. The front stops the bike but I dislike the initial bite. Though the bike is new, I generally can bed in the brake pads in 50 miles by riding a lot of stop sign to stop sign city blocks as well as down hill mountain roads. I don't glaze pads by being too aggressive for the first 100 miles. I'll probably get some sintered brake pads. Just don't like the initial feel, a bit soft probably intentional as the bike is marketed towards first timers
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for this bike the brakes are more than enough, my wife has put 600 miles on it with no issues brakewise whatsoever, no they not 1000rr quality, but again for this bike they fine
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The lever comes too close to the grip for me. I've owned a Ninja 300 and a R3, both of which had better front brakes. No matter the size of the motor brakes need good feel not sponginess
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Brakes in my case are fine.
I hardly use my rear brake and mostly I just shift down and use my engine brake.
In those cases I really want to stop I use the front brake.
The last few years I was driving a honda pcx 125 motor scooter and braking was okay as long as you also used yours shoes to slow down😜
In that perspective Iím satisfied with the brakes on my G310R.

The only thing iím not happy with is the fact that that the grip of the front lever is not constantly.
Sometimes I can pull the lever so far in that one of my fingers, that is still holding the handle bar, is squeezed !
When I stop at my dealer I will asked if this is normal (no) and what to do about it.

Fortunately most times it works okay.
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Itís possible thereís a little air in the brake line. Your dealer should be able to verify that.
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