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Well, last week the long wait was over as I got a call from the dealer saying they finally got them in. I went down closed on the deal and took one home.
I was impressed with the overall quality. There are a few minor modifications I would like to make but haven't come up with the answers so far. I am hoping someone on this forum will know the answers.
I want to replace the stock spark plug an NGK LMAR9D-J with an Iridium or at least a Platinum plug to perhaps gain better performance BUT am unable to find a cross reference to this plug. NGK told me that they do not make a comparable iridium plug. Perhaps another manufacture? Also I would like to replace the heavy stock BMW battery V12/8 Ah with a compatible cross referenced Lithium Battery as I have one in my Honda Ruckus and I am truly impressed with the results I have gotten so far but like unable to cross reference the spark plug I am experiencing the same problem with batteries. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks.
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Get the code number off your existing battery along with the dimensions and lug type this will give you a starting point. There are no cross references that I have found because the manufacturer's have the bikes replacement listed as TBD ( to be determined ) on all the battery PDF's I have found. But with a little general info ( dims, lug style, and code numbers ) a battery should be able to be found with the same ( or better ) characteristics that you need in a lithium battery. A lithium will most likely be smaller due to its makeup but as long as the lugs and output are the same and it is something you can make an adapter casing for it ( so it does not bounce / rattle around ) , it should be doable. I could not find any other plugs available from NGK, Denso, Bosch, Champion, E-3, motorcraft, Accel, or Roush.
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Why are you looking to change the spark plug and battery at such an early stage? Best to get some use out of the standard equipment before spending cash if it is not immediately required. Unless you are unlucky, the new standard parts will be OK for quite a while.
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I'm sure you will enjoy her, for me she is fine with the standard plug until replacement, easy DIY for radiator guard, that would be expensive to replace damaged rad, also not a big job to extend the mirrors, I was fed up at looking at my elbows !!!! hope you enjoy her Dave.
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Could not agree more about standard equipment on her.
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Sorry for the delay in answering all of you concerning my post. I appreciate all your comments. I decided to scrap the idea about a high performance spark plug as I could not find a cross reference for one. I thought by putting a Iridium Plug in I would obtain better performance as I have experienced on my Honda Ruckus.
I did find a cross match for the battery though. I put in a WPS Lithium Battery. It shaved several pounds off the bike. The new battery is so light that you can lift it with one finger. The reason I went with a lithium instead of getting use out of the factory battery is it has much more cca and is more preferable over the standard. I also ordered a Cyclops 4000 lumens led front H4 to replace the stock and added a Skene P-3 led license plate lights both to add increase visibility.

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Just ride it and smile
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In September, David Hodges in Norman Oklahoma wrote:
"I want to replace the stock spark plug an NGK LMAR9D-J with an Iridium or at least a Platinum plug to perhaps gain better performance BUT am unable to find a cross reference to this plug. NGK told me that they do not make a comparable iridium plug."

I have been doing some research on the NGK plugs and it appears that the iridium NGK LMAR9AI-8 is almost identical to the OEM NGK LMAR9D-J in dimensional and thermal characteristics to include the gasket flange. I see several forums talking about this substitution working well on the 1000RR bikes and I would suggest that David reach out to NGK again and ask them to explain why this iridium plug is not suitable for the G310 bike.

This iridium plug will last several times longer than the OEM dual electrode plug and it is important that an anti-seize compound be used on the threads upon installation because it will not require removal anytime soon.

Although I have not seen any claims to improved cold starting characteristics, in my own experience, a similar Denso iridium plug has really improved the smoothness of a Suzuki GZ250 that I also ride. It has about 28,000 miles (about 44,000 km) since installation and recent inspection showed that there was no visible erosion of either electrode which amazed me! It has peformed perfectly all this while and the bike still seems to run like new! In my humble opinion, it has improved starting in cold weather, but the little Suzi was never a hard starter to begin with and so I am getting into the "subjective" opinion realm.

Here is some info which is helpful in explaining some to the differences between conventional and iridium plugs.
Do your own research on the performance differences and you be the judge!

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Keep everything stock as per BMW manual. Plugs, fluids etc. After your warranty expires, have at her and do what "you" want.
I know from experience, some dealers may find any reason to deny a warranty claim.
Never had an issue with my dealer and previous 4 BMW's, but with automotive I have.
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Yes, Tickster is right on this one! ; we should not be in a rush to out engineer the engineers, and we do not want to do some experimentation that will put both our bikes and factory warranty in jeopardy, but I am hoping that some engineer from BMW Motorrad is watching our posts. The OEM dual electrode plugs and the iridium plugs are both called out for interchangeable replacements on some of the KTM bikes. The iridium version is not specified for the BMW S1000RR and it may well be because of the very high combustion chamber pulses and turbulence at very high pressures and rpm. Remember that the S1000RR develops 200 BHP per liter at 14,000 rpm and the G310 develops 103 BHP per liter at 10,500 rpm. I am hoping that the engineers take another look at this fitment for the G310, as it may be a very good choice for the future. But that is for them to figure out! If there are no downsides to fitment, it is quite possible that the platinum plug may give better cold start performance (which would be good) as there is some evidence that in certain applications, iridium fine electrode tips will give better ignitability with less than perfect fuel air mixtures at cold engine start up.

But I found this response from one of the S1000RR forums. Here is the response from an NGK representative a couple of years ago to a fellow with an S1000RR.

"I see that the LMAR9D-J (1633) NGK's are OE fit.
But I've also found the LMAR9AI-8 in Iridium format.

Has anyone tried the latter? I asked NGK about the LMAR9AI-8's as replacements for the standard fit plugs.

"Essentially, yes, the Iridium plug you mention is an upgrade. However, we
do not publish this as the LMAR9D-J is a twin ground electrode plug.
Although some engines are specified with multi ground electrode plugs to
help extend service life, for motorcycles it is sometimes to increase
strength of the ground electrodes. They are short and relatively straight
and are able to withstand harsh combustion vibrations which can sometimes
be present. We do not know if the strength aspect is an issue with your
model so cannot say if a conventional 'J' shaped ground electrode plug
would be affected in any way."

I think that translates to, technically they fit but they might not survive the environment."

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