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User error. Something to make you smile

OK. So it doesnt get very cold at night here in Northern California.
48F/9C last night. My bike was in the garage. Oh and by the way, as soon as I woke
I had to go make sure it was not all a dream. LOL. I'm almost 60 and acting like a big kid.
Anyhows, I started 'Lucille' up and put on my jacket etc, waiting for her to warm up..
Would'nt you know it, every time I put her in 1st she stalls. So I figure she needs to warm up some more.
WRONG! Turns out I forgot something the dealer told me. The kickstand was down, and the engine cut out.
A rookie mistake that I will never make again. Thought you guys would get a smile out of that.
Since I have your attention, a few questions:
When you change gear do you roll off the throttle?
Any advice as to the RPM's at each gear change? I personally donot like holding the bike back and prefer to up the gear to stop the high rpm and pull.
I understand the breakin period and guidlines and dont' expect to be taking her to 65 mph/105 kph for more than a couple of miles during the next few weeks.. Is that ok? I will never be redlining anyhow, and even after the break in, I will never see myself going more than 75 mph/120kph since California's max speed on most freeways are 65/105kph. Do you think 75/120kph mph will be okay after the breakin, for say 80 miles/128kms ?
And I won't be doing that everyday. I plan on riding 80 miles/128 kms each way twice a week in around 3 weeks for a month.
Maintaining 65 mph / 105 kph for 50 miles/80 kms then 50 mph/80 kph for 50 miles/80 kms.
Thats not the norm for me. Ordinarily I will be using the bike in urban areas along with the occasional country road ride.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Sacramento, CA
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