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Pain in my left wrist?

I'm a novice rider, and only just beginning my motorcycling journey. Today, I went out on a much longer ride, probably 50 to 60 miles total. I've noticed my left wrist is hurting - opening and closing my fingers is fine (ie clutch lever), but when I hold my arm out and attempt to rotate my hand left and right, I can feel some pain in the area on the left side of my wrist. It doesn't hurt unless I actually move - even typing is okay, just the rotating is not.

Has this happened to anyone else before? Is it just soreness from seldom used muscles getting work, or injury? Maybe just noobish improper riding technique or improperly adjusted controls? Curious to hear thoughts. Thanks.
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I think you have identified many of the possible reasons, which it could be any of.
One you did not mention that I have found many new riders tend to do is,
gripping the bars too tight.
Try relaxing your grip, adjusting the bars forward or back, and see how that works.
Each body is a different shape, but the bikes are all the same from the factory.
I installed 30mm bar risers that were $40 and made a big difference for comfort.
As a new rider, your dealer should have helped you with the set up when you
bought it, but many don't and just take the money and hand you the key.
Good luck

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If you have not had a problem with your wrist before, I would doubt that this is a true injury, it sounds more like getting used to riding. Tickster gives good advice here, try different things and see how things go. On the other hand, don't wait too long before getting a doctor's opinion, either if it doesn't go away or gets worse.

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I felt the same pain in my first weeks of riding (was also a beginner). Later on I noticed that while stopping as I put my left foot onto the ground the bike inclined to left excessively and I had to apply to much force and strain the lateral muscles of my left forearm to prevent the bike hitting the ground. Several weeks later balance of the bike started to get better while stopping. I don’t feel this pain anymore. That may be the reason for you too.
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I threw some ice on it, drank extra water and took some Advil. It's mostly just a bit sore and tight, kind of like when you start working out again after being out of the gym for a while. Yesterday I did do about half an hour of low speed U-turn practice (the one maneuver in my MSF course that I had significant trouble with). Prolonged clutch manipulation and a new rider tensing every muscle to hold things in position probably did it.

I'm pretty sure it's not injury now, just my technique, so next time I go, I'll be more cognizant and focus on keeping a light grip and using my core to hold myself up, rather than putting weight on the wrists. I'm not a doctor in sports medicine, but I have that feeling wrists weren't designed to take a whole lot of weight for prolonged periods.

Thanks for the input!
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