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Should I Get a New Bike?

So I’ve had the G310R for a little less than a year and it’s been a great first bike. But as I start to get more comfortable with the idea of taking longer trips, the bike’s power is a bit of a concern for me - mainly from the perspective of being able to overtake/avoid obstacles at the flick of the wrist.

Anyone else feeling the same?

If I were to get a new bike, I’m thinking R9T or the Ducati 821. Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on eitiher.
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the idea of getting a new bike is addictive. I have now 6 bikes, and I would not mind to have 100 . why to choose if you can have both? there are of course financial limitations that most of us face.... as to POWER, how much power do you really need? I do get a kick from riding more powerful bike, but smaller dispacement bikes have their charm and usually have enough juice to overtake cars on the road. at the end, it is the decision that you have to make. do some test rides with other bikes and see how you feel. I personally develop 'personal' connection with my bikes, hence I do not trade them away so easily. also I invest quite a bit of money into them, so if I was to sell them, I will never get back the price they are worth.
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I really like the R9T scrambler, but I must admit that I'm loving the 310R at the moment and am in no hurry to upgrade.
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Originally Posted by porth View Post
I really like the R9T scrambler, but I must admit that I'm loving the 310R at the moment and am in no hurry to upgrade.
I sat on one over the weekend when I was at the dealer to check on my bike. My only concern was the rearsets (foot pegs) hitting my calves when my feet were on ground. That would annoy me in the long run. So R9T is out for me

2018 G310GS - white

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I had an R9T for a day when I took my 310GS in for a service. It certainly has looks, but I found it quite impractical. It has some serious torque which gave me the sensation that I need to hold on to the handlebar to stop myself from sliding off the fairly level seat. It was too powerful, low and wide for lane splitting/filtering. But not the right geometry to be used as a canyon carver. It is also not really setup for long distance tour with regards to ergonomics and luggage setup. On top of all that, it is quite expensive. I left with the conclusion that it is a bike you take on a leisurely ride to your local coffee shop where you park it so everyone can look at it The boxer engine was also something to get used too, different kind of vibration, and strong enough to make the bike lean a bit when you blip the throttle. Not a bad bike at all, but I would rather spend that kind of money on a more focused motorcycle.

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Get a Yamaha FZ07
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While I've hit I95 more than once and run through or around Jax, this is not a bike I would want to ride on the slab regularly. It is great for back road rides through the mountains. There are many roads I know where 55 mph is enough for a pucker factor in some of the turns. At the dealer, the R9T draws my eye, but as said so well above, it does not meet my needs. When this one gets parked, I'll likely be back to puttering around the house on the old airhead or going to a cage.


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I find them to be very different bikes

R9T - Feels heavier and bulkier; more of a bike for an occasional weekend ride rather than an everyday bike, especially lane splitting.
Monster - Feels way more agile, lighter and in my opinion looks and sounds badass (R9T sounds good too). I would def consider getting it sometime.

But if you're using it for long trips instead of comutting and the R9T has the power and the comfort, I guess either would solve your issue overtaking.

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All interesting perspectives so far - thank you. A little more about me: I'm basically a weekend rider. I keep my bike in the Hamptons and ride around during the summers early morning before all the traffic comes out. Some nice twisty roads, generally 30-40 mph speed limits. For this stuff, the G310R is perfect.

But my dealer is back in Manhattan - so I've gotta ride the bike back to NYC (via the somewhat daunting Long Island Expressway) for service. I could have BMW pick it up, but that's a few hundred bucks and the ride seems like it'd be more fun anyway. But on the LIE - the speed limit is 55-65 and people regularly drive 80 MPH. I can hide out in the HOV lane, but even so, if I'm going 70 MPH, that's more or less topped out in 6th gear...some of these other bikes can do 70 mph in 2nd gear.

In any case, just feeling like I'm kind of stuck out in the Hamptons with my bike, in that it doesn't give me the confidence to get on some of the bigger flatter highways where speed and power matter a little more.
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Funny, I came off of an FJR1300 to the 310GS. I would have issues riding in NYC traffic or any other major meteopolitan area, big or small bike. With the little GS I am already considering a long trip. I would like to go back to Alaska from Oklahoma. My last trip to Alaska and around the northwestern USA was a 12,000 mile trip. I have no concerns about the little GS on the back highways as running between 60mph to 70mph is no problem. Speed limits in Canada for the most part are slow at 100kph. The larger bikes have their pros and also cons. I've owned numerous bikes since 1964 from mini bikes and sport bikes to the sport touring BMW's, Honda ST1300 and the FJR1300. Getting back onto a smaller bike has been surprisingly fun.
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