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Amateur question about trickle charger + other winter recs

Hi all,

First time bike owner and bought a used 2018 G310R earlier this year. It gave me a break from commuting on the NYC subway most of the summer and I couldn't be more grateful!

A quick and probably easy question for you all: I'm in a small motorcycle garage and one of the guys asked if I have a trickle charger, I said no, he tossed me his old one and told me to keep the bike's battery plugged in all winter into the Spring (he actually gave me a temperature threshold that I don't remember).

He gave me a Yuasa YUA1200901 Smartshot 12V 900 mA (if you google it, itís the first thing that comes up on Amazon)

Is this consistent with what you all recommend? Any reason I would want a charger other than this one? It's an unheated garage in New York, so it will definitely get cold.

Any other winter recommendations?

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Don't really have to winterize the bike here, as we only have summer and spring. However, I saw a great video by fortnine on winterizing bikes, probably worth a look (search youtube for fortnine).
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if you're going to pack up riding for the winter - returning next spring.
Then I'd take the battery out of the unheated/cold garage and put it inside.
then connect up the charger.
I'll be riding most of the winter [UK] but will make sure the bikes batteries are kept topped up.
I have a very old Optimizer charger that maintains it in good condition.
I'm one [of the many] whose g310 is a very poor starter in the cold, so a tip-top battery is essential.
For this I have a charger fly-lead coming out of the [left] side to quickly plug in when I get back ..
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If you not going to use bike in winter, I agree with G0MYW, take the battery off and take inside. Even if in warm environment will lose charge, I put mine on a Optimate in winter. All my bikes have lived on Optimates over the years in winter. Cold knocks **** off batteries.
As for protecting the bike, if in cold garage, my personal view is spray it all over with ACF50, (avoiding the brake discs) Because even in winter you can get condensation, water on the bike. Water and metal = rusting. With the very cold then warming up creates the condensation very quickly.
A coating of ACF50 or Muc-Off corrosion defence, will protect. Even a spray with WD40 or GT85 is better than nothing.
Make sure full of fuel, no room for air space to condense inside the tank.
As for starting your bike during winter, there are 2 schools of thought. 1 says start to warm everything up to dispel condensation, the other is leave alone . Another opposite views are about covering the bike over, 1 suggests you do, another says no prevents air circulation. Up to you, I personally before parking up for winter, give the bike a good wash,clean, dry and polish. Take for a little ride to warm everything up. When cooled down I go daft with ACF50, plug in Optimate and kiss her goodnight til spring arrives.
Or you could go for a Vac-Bag, I have never used 1, but a mate swears by them.
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In addition if you remove the battery it will make the bike harder to steal.
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I keep my G310R in an unheated garage in Maine during the winter and for the past three years it's been perfectly fine in the spring when I return form my winter home in Texas. Each fall I fill the fuel tank, put in fuel stabilizer (StarTron in my preferred) and then go for a last ride.

When the bike is returned to the garage, I check the tires for full inflation, check the overflow tank to confirm the antifreeze mixture is adequate for the expected winter temperatures, plug in the Battery Minder and close the door. A charged battery will not freeze but you can remove it as you see fit.

Among the things you should not to during the winter is: 1. Start the engine every now and then in the belief that it will somehow help. If not allowed to reach operating temperature, under load, you risk condensation of the moisture that WILL develop in the engine in places you don't want that to happen. 2. Leave the fuel tank empty or low on fuel. Moisture will develop as a result of temperature changes potentially resulting in rust and the dreaded "gunk" and that isn't a good thing. Fill the tank with the recommended octane rating fuel and add fuel stabilizer. The fuel will not "spoil" over the storage period.

For what it's worth that's my two cents. It's worked for me but your mileage may vary, some assembly required, batteries not included. . likes this.
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