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Originally Posted by Tickster View Post
First off the stop sale actually means they cannot deliver to the customer, but they can still sell them.
Secondly, handling and tire fees are normal charges.
Now, you could negotiate and haggle a better deal, especially in the current situation of the stop sale.
Maybe you should buy one in Canada, with the exchange rate the way it is you could save a lot.
Then when the fix is done, have a nice drive down the Pacific Coast Highway home.
Just as a reference, before this whole recall hammer that came down, i was at the point of getting quotes from a few dealers here in Canada and average was around $6850 cad which today is $5,184.99 usd.

One dealer actually came back with $6500cad because he didn't include the stupid doc/admin fee which the others were including which ranged from $199 to $299.

I've been in touch with these dealers since the recall went official here and even though they seem to all have different info, they all stated that it's a stop sale so no use even going in to finalize sale maybe till the end of Aug

Originally Posted by dave92029 View Post
I have enjoyed riding from Canada to San Diego several times, But I wonder if the snow will begin the fall before BMW lifts this Stop Sale Order LOL
That really must be a great trip. Hey funny thing is, one of the dealers was so aggressive in his sales pitch to me, he stated that i have no need to look at other bike makes because only BMW riders are able to ride in our Canadian winters lol.
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