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Dropped before pickup?

Apologies if this is a repost.

Thanks to this forum, I've selected the 310 GS as my next bike! My local dealer had one in stock, and so I put down a deposit while I made sure that the money worked out for the purchase. Yesterday, I went back to pay in full for the bike and set up a delivery time. When I got there, the sales person told me that they (the dealership) had sent out an employee to fill up the gas tank, and while he was making a right turn... he lost traction on the rear tire and took a spill.

The damage, they tell me, is cosmetic. I saw pics, the brake lever, the right bar end, the exhaust heat shield, and the right body work is damaged. They were some pretty good sized gouges/scratches on all of them. They've already ordered the parts and are planning to replace them, but they are still telling me that the price remains unchanged. I'm relatively new to motorcycling (my first bike that I just sold was a Grom), but I wanted some input from y'all with more experience:

1. How do I know that the damage was only cosmetic? (I'm not a mechanic)
2. Should they be selling this bike as new when they were responsible for dropping it?
3. Should I be asking for anything? (Discount? extra warranty of some kind?)

The problem (for me) is that this 310 GS is the only one in my state (HI). The dealer has advised that BMW's inventory management doesn't show any other GS's in production/available for ordering. Should I even be thinking of buying this one, now that it's been damaged?

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