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Sorry, just a little more info (I'm not thinking super clearly):

I called Geico (who had my other motorcycle insurance), and they told me that as long as it's fixed, they still consider it as the same value. They also told me that I have a little under 5 months before I'm considered a "new rider" again, and lose some discounts on the insurance.

The sales person indicated that if I waited for a new GS, it may not be until the middle of next year before they get one.

I've also emailed BMW motorcycle customer service to see if this whole, "we dropped it, we'll fix it, but pay us full price anyway," is legit. The sales person said, "oh, don't worry, you have a warranty" but that warranty only covers manufacturer defects. I'm worried that there's something that got busted by the fall that doesn't show up until later... at which point it's not covered by the warranty.
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