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Well, I don't think I would be wanting that bike now, and I'd be making loud noises about it.

My way of thinking is not necessarily the same as others, but if you're paying for a new bike, a brand spanking new bike, you expect that is what you're getting. Now you are in line for getting a brand new, damaged bike that they have to fix - it's not the same.

They say their guy lost traction, how about rephrasing that to their guy either couldn't ride a motorbike and so shouldn't have been trusted with a customers new bike, or that they were riding your bike dangerously for the conditions / traffic and lost control.

Personally, I'd be expecting the dealer to be on their hands and knees to you over this, I think you have every right to refuse this bike and require them to provide you a new one, or get them to refund you and walk away.

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