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Yeah, so here's what they told me regarding a fresh from the factory model. Bikes aren't produced continuously, so you can't just put out an order for a bike that then gets filled. They said it's something on like a quarterly basis. Each factory's production is then allocated to region(?), and when the bikes are at a certain point in the process, each dealer has the opportunity to log on and "grab" a frame. Then they can add options/colors etc. Apparently the next quarter's production has already been posted, but no GS's in our area. The next time after this that posting would go up would be around the end of this year. Then it takes some months for the bikes to be produced, and then they have to be shipped back and forth across the Pacific in my case, with customs delays, etc. I believe that we're like Puerto Rico in that the containers have to go to another US port first, and then get shipped here.

At first I thought this was a tall tale, but it's so detailed and bizzare it has to be true. My dad ordered a car for himself in May, and was only able to take delivery at the middle/end of August.
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