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  1. BMW G310 GS General Discussion
    Hello All, Hoping to get some input on the experience I’ve had with my 2019 Baby GS. Not-so-quick background: This is my first motorcycle. I wanted something that is good quality, versatile and beginner friendly. As for checking off those boxes; I figured BMW is certainly a quality brand, the...
  2. 2017+ BMW G310 R/GS Complaints, Issues & Problems
    I am having trouble getting my 2017 G310R started at the moment. I got a brand new battery fitted (by a garage, not by me) before Christmas, but it hasn't really fixed the issue. In the morning, I get it out of my garage and it starts every time no problem. I then ride to work, where I park it...
  3. BMW G310R General Discussions
    I bought my bike from a BMW dealership end of september. I haven't ridden it since as I was also moving at the time and now it's about 3 degrees celcius (37F) on average, so I'm not riding it now either. My battery ended up dying and I hung it up to my Optimate 4 and had a charged battery again...
1-3 of 3 Results