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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all I just got my bike delivered a day ago and am very excited about it. Also I would love to stay in touch with the G310R owners in and around Hyderabad and Bangalore. Ping me - maybe we can create a WhatsApp/Telegram group together āœŒšŸ»
  2. BMW G310R General Discussions
    Hey guys, i am looking to buy used front wheel ring/jant. Tnx!
  3. BMW G310R General Discussions
    Hey all! I write from Bengaluru, India. I need your help and honest reviews. I'm totally enticed to buy the G310R BS6, I've never owned a personal motorcycle so I don't know anything about service and maintenance. I would be really grateful if someone could down a rundown of what will be...
  4. BMW G310R General Discussions
    Hey guys, I was taking off the assembly for the foot pegs on both sides to have them powder coated. With everything assembled back there is a significant amount of play in the rear brake lever now. Can anyone confirm I put the spring back on correctly? Or does anyone have any ideas on what I...
1-4 of 4 Results