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  1. BMW G310GS Pictures And Videos
    Hello again fellow riders! I hope if you are reading this you are doing well and looking forward to getting back to normal soon. It was a little more than a year ago when my bikes journey began. I have made a lot of progress on the bike recently and figured it was time to update my post...
  2. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hi folks, A shameless plug here...... Up for grabs is, in very good used condition, is my Hypercone high level exhaust. A very nice looking and actually practical (in my case!!) exhaust system for either the GS or R. A 5 day eBay auction! Please see...
  3. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hi folks, A shameless plug here...... The Scorpion Exhaust system from Rally Raid, that spend many quality miles coupled to my 310 GS is up for grabs! A 5 day eBay auction! It is located here in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. However, I have enabled...
  4. Helmets, Gear, Protection And Apparel Discussion
    Has anyone installed or had a full system exhaust put on their Bmw g310r? I was told I might need a power commander in order to put in a yoshimura full system exhaust. The problem is power commanders cost somewhere between $300-500 Is it nessesary to get a power commander for this bike?
  5. Exhaust And Headers
    Just wondering if it's an easy install and it literally just slips on or do i have to do some work to make it fit? (yeah i'm too lazy to browse to see if anyone else posted about this)
  6. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hello, My bike came with a Remus exhaust system that I love but the noise is unbearable since I actually ride a lot and every day. I cannot really seem to find the DB killer by itself anywhere. I would love some help. Alternatively, I am willing to sell my exhaust system, which is basically new...
  7. Exhaust And Headers
    I'm looking to get a Remus full system. Is a tune necessary? Any recommendations on where to get the tune?
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1-8 of 8 Results