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  1. BMW G310RR General Discussions
    Hello everyone, I want to change my exhaust but I'm having doubts. Right now I have my eyes on the DominatoR HP3 but I'm scared it is too loud. Does anyone have this exhaust on his G310R/GS and is it really really loud or is it okay? Maybe someone in The Netherlands (in the area of South...
  2. BMW G310R General Discussions
    I love my 2018 G310R. The only thing I really don't like is the stock exhaust look or sound. I have been researching the issue to see I'm not alone (a few discussions here and on the FB group etc) So I have decided to go for a Mivv, as they seem reasonably priced / look good / sound good and...
  3. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hi All, Anybody looking at needing either a stock exhaust or are wanting to sell an aftermarket one. Unlike most I work day time hours and the rush hour traffic through town everyday is becoming hard work as drivers don't hear me filtering. Hit me up in either interest to you and are within...
  4. BMW G310GS Pictures And Videos
    Hello again fellow riders! I hope if you are reading this you are doing well and looking forward to getting back to normal soon. It was a little more than a year ago when my bikes journey began. I have made a lot of progress on the bike recently and figured it was time to update my post...
  5. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hi folks, A shameless plug here...... Up for grabs is, in very good used condition, is my Hypercone high level exhaust. A very nice looking and actually practical (in my case!!) exhaust system for either the GS or R. A 5 day eBay auction! Please see...
  6. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hi folks, A shameless plug here...... The Scorpion Exhaust system from Rally Raid, that spend many quality miles coupled to my 310 GS is up for grabs! A 5 day eBay auction! It is located here in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. However, I have enabled...
  7. Helmets, Gear, Protection And Apparel Discussion
    Has anyone installed or had a full system exhaust put on their Bmw g310r? I was told I might need a power commander in order to put in a yoshimura full system exhaust. The problem is power commanders cost somewhere between $300-500 Is it nessesary to get a power commander for this bike?
  8. Exhaust And Headers
    Just wondering if it's an easy install and it literally just slips on or do i have to do some work to make it fit? (yeah i'm too lazy to browse to see if anyone else posted about this)
  9. BMW G310R For Sale - Parts
    Hello, My bike came with a Remus exhaust system that I love but the noise is unbearable since I actually ride a lot and every day. I cannot really seem to find the DB killer by itself anywhere. I would love some help. Alternatively, I am willing to sell my exhaust system, which is basically new...
  10. Exhaust And Headers
    I'm looking to get a Remus full system. Is a tune necessary? Any recommendations on where to get the tune?
1-11 of 11 Results