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  1. BMW G310 GS General Discussion
    The issue I've been having is that when I try to get out of the city into the countryside, (about a 30 minute drive with all the stoplights etc.) my 2018 G310GS with only about 2k on the odometer starts running rough, and bucking like it doesn't have enough fuel, or air, or something. It seems...
  2. Groovy Giselle

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  3. BMW G310 GS General Discussion
    Hi, I bought a 2019 G310GS and have personally installed the carbon Akra exhaust system, Clearwater lights, Evotech skid plate, and have successfully used the OBDlink lx to reset the service reminder. I am only mentioning this in case someone has a question about any of these procedures, maybe...
1-3 of 3 Results