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  1. BMW G310 GS General Discussion
    Hi, I have a Givi top-case mounted on my BMW 310GS 2018 with the Givi #SR5126 adapter. I wanted to add two SW-Motech Sysbag 30 side luggage for extra space and just received the bags along with the SLC side career. But as I was trying to mount them, I realized the SLC bars need to be screwed...
  2. BMW G310 GS General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I’m about to do a couple of 3-4 days trips by the end of the year. Most of my rides are 80% off road and 20% road so I’m after some soft luggage side pannier as it will less likely get damaged from a fall, branches, rocks… I looked everywhere online but it seems like no brand want...
  3. Parts and Accessories
    I am surprised at how difficult it is to get side carriers (luggage racks) for my 2022 310 GS. I ordered my crash bars and skid plate from Hepco and Becker and they are great but I am hesitant to order their side carrier because it will be another $200 shipping. (I should have ordered the racks...
1-3 of 3 Results