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2018 g310r with 1500 miles died in mid ride, cranks over but no start.

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I bought this bike for my grandson last fall with only 1300 miles on it. He is 16 and got his motorcycle permit 2 weeks ago. We we're on our 2nd ride when I looked back after rounding a corner and he was not there. I turned around and found him parked on the side of the road not running. He said it just started slowly down and died. It has a half tank of gas and I can hear the fuel pump pressure up when I turn the key on. It turns over fine but doesn't even try to fire up. He and I had planed to ride all weekend and need less to say he's pretty disappointed. I have owned BMWs for the last 45 years, mostly for their dependability. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could have failed? Since it's out of warranty I dread taking it to a dealer. I usually do all of my maintenance, my current ride is a 2016 R1200R and it's been trouble free. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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I trucked the bike to NC for 3 day of riding the twisty roads around the Blue Ridge and the bike ran great, only put 400 miles on it but boy we're they fun miles. The only annoying issue I had was a squawking cluth on take off. It mostly happened when cold or on a hill. Is there a fix for that? At this point the bike has just under 2000 miles on it. I'll provide another update when I reach 2500 miles.
Sounds like a pretty good outcome, despite the frustration. Look forward to updates.
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