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BMW’s sales figures has been increasing every year; with 115,215 units sold in 2013, 123,495 units in 2014, and this year they managed to hit 123,499 units without accounting for the month of December. But to meet their new goal of 200,000 motorcycles by 2020, they will need to extend their sub-500cc segment’s lineup starting with the G310R.

The G310R was designed to be the basis of a family of bikes and Motorcycle News’ insider said we will be seeing half faired and ‘adventure’ bike versions of the G310R a short while after its release.

Maybe we’ll see the G310R redesigned into something like the R 1200 GS Adventure since it is a popular model, taking 4th place in the 2015 BMW Motorrad ranking. If they’re going to market an adventure version, may as well base it off a tried and true model.

A shortly released half faired version of the G310R is going to have the KTM Duke 390 as its main competition, the only segment rival that’s naked. We’ll most likely see the front fairing removed so it could look a bit like the F800R.

What do you guys think of my speculations? Possible future adventure and half faired models? And do you have something else in mind for BMW’s 500cc and under segment?
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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