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After 38 years of not riding, I'm so happy to report I took my maiden voyage today on a new G310R.

My wife and I recently moved to the top of Stunt Rd in Malibu, and from our deck we see riders coming up Las Flores, Scheuren and Stunt rd all day long. She works at Kaiser in the intensive care unit, and vetoed the idea of me having a bike for many years.
Last year on vacation I persuaded her to hop on a scooter and traverse the island with me. She was a natural and really enjoyed it. So... this year when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her... "lets both take a Motorcycle riding course and if you do well, I'll consider getting two bikes so we can ride together". My plan paid off because she loved the experience and did really well in the course and on the bikes. Last week we took delivery of two G310r's. Hers is black and mine is blue. I need to get a trailer so I can take her, with our bikes, to some areas where she can gain riding hours and experience within a safe environment before letting her hit the canyons in our neighborhood. Any recommendations on great places for her to gain hours is appreciated. Today however, I took my bike through some beautiful scenic roads and really enjoyed the bike, and the views. The bike was nimble, easy to maneuver and very comfortable to ride. I cant wait to get back on and ride again. I'm looking forward to a great summer and many hours of exploring and riding. I feel like the G310rs are a great choice for us and am happy to join a community of enthusiast. Hopefully We'll have something positive to contribute and look forward to meeting fellow G310r forum members and owners who travel the roads in our neighborhood.


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