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Hi, Just ordered a G310GS after a 30 minute test ride, black, hope to pick it up in the next couple of days.

Im in my late 60's and Ive had a few scooters and bikes over the years, and still got a garage full of them. I describe myself as a R1deS1uT in as much as I'll ride anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

One of my ride buddies is a card carrying BMW devotee and has been trying to sit me on a boxer for years but I found the bmw big birds too heavy for my needs. Ive got a 2010 orange F800R in the stable as one of my road bikes, which is a cracker canyon racer as well as a comfortable touring bike. The F800R is as big as I'll ever need. We've been talking about what the last bike might be.

I want to still be riding into my 80's and I've been on the look out for a good all rounder in the 250-300cc range. I wanted lightness and agility, with a bullet proof single, Remember the Honda 250XL? I also needed something that could overtake a double bogey at 120kph, with enough torque to accelerate up a twistie mountain, and the ability to explore the many dirt roads that cross the ridges and link the valleys around here. I also need a machine that can get up and down fire trails, paddock bash around the farm and that was reasonably comfortable over long distances. Also something that I could pick up on my own.

Ive had some bad luck with Mr Plod recently so these days I've had to stick pretty close to the speed limit, and I havent seen the ton for ages, so I dont need the top speeds that lots of cc's provide. When my buddy first showed me the press releases on the G310's I got interested, and I have been patiently following the progress of the model's releases ever since. They sure looked good on paper especially the GS and the Scrambler concepts I'd seen on the R. Its sure been a long wait, but in a way I was glad BMW delayed the release to get everything right, a good sign imo. Got to have a couple of squirts on the 310R and was impressed by what a spritely little bike it was, liked the engine, and the handling. My mate grabbed one, and he's having a ball with it. He's already put over 6000 ks on it and says the engine is bedding in nicely. I decided to wait for the GS, even though the scrambler mods on the R looked like they could do the job.

Anyway the long and the short of it, was finally taking a GS for a test ride two days ago, it ticked the boxes, 30 minutes later I impulsively put down a deposit, and I pick it up in the next few days. Priced at AU$7600 made it good bang for buck imo. At first felt a tiny bit tall for my likings, but I could flat toe it and on the road it was fine. By the time I got back I was used to it. I'm looking forward to getting to know the GS better, get it in the canyons, and off the tar, and hopefully finding out that it is indeed, the all rounder that it has the potential to be.

PS. Talked to the dealer on the phone today, he had got me one but reckoned that there weren't that many GS's left in the country and that it might be some time before the next big shipment arrives, seems like my impulse was timely.

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