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Another Look At The G310R

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BMW has released another G310R promo video before the bike is set to hit showroom floors.

A few shots may have been taken from the long board promo video but it’s a close look and reminder of what the upcoming G310R looks like and what the new model embodies.

By no means is the G310R a bland sub-500cc, commuter bike with a sporty body and a slightly forward leaning ride position. Before the G310R, there was the concept stunt bike that was developed with input from Chris Pfeiffer, a four times World and European stunt riding champion. Sure a few stunt performance parts have been removed from the production G310R but it’s still a lightweight and fun bike that can be used every day.

A 313cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with four valves, two overhead camshafts and electronic fuel injection will churn out a maximum power of 34 bhp along with a peak torque output of 28 Nm.

BMW has developed the G310R to be like a BMX bike but with an engine, do you think they’ve hit the mark?

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"Make Life A Ride"

I like that. Video was pretty cool too.
I highly doubt it's as maneuverable or nimble as a BMX bike but the G310R does seem to weave very easily and go around the bends without too much effort form the rider.
That's essentially the reason a lot of members here will be getting a g310r, for the fun of it. My daily driver is going to be my car but the g310r is going to be that fun ride for weekends and after work.
Lol I don't think anything is as nimble as a bmx bike. But it does look like a very fun bike nonetheless.
If they're comparing it to a BMX bike, it makes you think of how intuitive the g310r's handling is going to be.
Should just be all around very maneuverable. Throw it anywhere you like, put it through anything you want.
showing it in this video on some small european street is a good example too since its usually hard to maneuver around those than almost anywhere else, making the G310R ideal for the city.
I took a look at the comments in the Video and BMW Motorrad is replying to inquiries. Someone asked if the g310r is going to be available in the U.S and this was the reply.

#Yes Please contact your local BMW Motorrad dealer in 2017.
All the best
Joerg of the BMW Motorrad Team

So I guess the g310r won't be on sale until next year.
Hopefully early next year ? Maybe check in February sometime ?
Maybe we'll see it on sale in the first month of 2017, was actually thinking it would be closer to the end of this year when the g310r will hit the U.S. market.
Ah it's alright.. it won't be too much longer. I'm gonna be waiting some time anyhow so it works out.
They're just lucky the turn over rate for bikes is high enough that once it comes to market there will still be a good amount of buyers around to scoop one up. But even factoring in that it still depends on what out there
Anytime during Spring 2017 is confirmed by BMW
The difference between a new car and a new bike is vastly the price difference. This bike is extremely affordable, so people can wait however long and buy one whenever it comes it. Cars on the other hand, $25k+, it needs to be a bit more planned out.
Yup, some people switch bikes after one year and new riders are prone to moving up the power range after a summer. Not so much with expensive models, but 300cc bikes are generally affordable enough for people to buy and sell quickly.
Yup, easy to move to your other buddies that are also wanting to get into riding for the first time. But one thing that takes away from sales of new 250-300CC bikes is the fact people buy used out of fear of dropping their new bike when still a new rider. Completely understandable, although there are preventative measures to apply on new bikes (and of course used)
That may eat into a bit of BMW's g310r, but there will be those who are willing to take the risk of dropping a new bike. Also, the main targeted markets are commuting riders from Asia and South America. don't think they're scared of getting a scratch here or there on a daily commute bike.
With how hectic the roadways are in majority of Asia and South America, scratches and what not are definitely not on the top of their list of scares lol. Honestly, being a new rider, I know I'm going to drop the bike, and I know I'll probably inflict some damages, but I'm really not worried at all.
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