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Hello Everyone,

I am a Chinese dude who is being working and studying in Wisconsin for 8yrs. Just got my babe GS since September. So far I am happy with my first bike in life-time, but the vibration noise from the dash area really drives me KRAZY sometime.

I got this low mileage pre-owned babe GS from a Chicago dealer. Now it almost hits 2000miles. The price of the bike is okay. But when you know there are tons of aftermarket accessories like aluminum case ,bar riser and heated grips (all kinds of things either are too expensive or they do even have it in US or Euro market) offered in Taobao(Chinese Ebay), then you are not happy anymore. But my dear 310 owner friends from China are jealous of me either, because the power is lowered to 28hp due to some so called "environmental-friendly policy"

Probably will take the dash area apart December to extend the outlet power and check the source of vibration. And buy the aux plate, bar risers from rally raid recently.


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