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Well, my new 2019 BMW G310gs denotated the clutch yesterday while
riding back to out hotel in Kentucky.

We trailered to Eastern Kentucky for riding roads and had 2.5 days of great riding
and fun times.
That bike performed flawlessly.

Near the end of the trip and 110 miles yesterday I began to feel a sound
but wasn't sure if it was in the motor, the tranny or where.
I figured it was a road noise as the motor sounded good, it was shifting perfectly
and all was good.
Filled up at the gas station and took off to the hotel.
As I shifted into 40th the bike shuddered, the clutch lever went limp and the bike stalled on a hill on a four lane highway. My buddy rode past wondering what was going on. It stalled and I was able to get the bike still rolling on the side.

We pulled and pulled and finally got the clutch to allow neutral.
The bike ran but the motor or clutch or transmission sounded like a box of rocks were in it.
Full of oil and no leaks.
I had changed oil at 400 miles and it's a new bike.
Now has 850 miles on it.
In service at BMW dealer. Saw a 2017 Suzuki DR650. May buy this tomorrow.
Oh well. Gave the Beemer a chance. Let's see how this finishes out.
I love the bike. You can't find a better canyon carver.

Not over 55 miles per hour the last few days and running from 35 to 55 and really enjoying that bike.

I highly recommend the bike, just not real happy it crapped like this.

I've had 47 bikes in 13 years and 120,000 miles and this is the first to leave me stranded.


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