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BMW G310 R Tracker by Wedge Motorcycles

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The G310 R is so new and already, aftermarket companies are modding them to the nines. Wedge Motorcycles customized a G310 R to the point where I can't even recognize the original bike.

Takashi Nihira created a new sub-frame along with a new swing arm and changed the suspension setup. There's a lot of custom made pieces like the exhaust system. It's just a whole laundry list and you can red it here:
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Looks like the only thing they kept was the engine. o_O
Not much left of the original G310 R, at least not that I can see. The designer was commissioned by BMW Motorrad Japan so that's why they got their hands on one so early.
More pictures and what not over here as well

Seems like you two got excited with posting it lol ! Definitely looks cool as **** though. Would love to have something like that.
as much as I would love to have that, riding it where I ride, it will get way too much attention and maybe even the wrong attention. Would be great if someone modifies a G310R to an extent just above what the typical owner would do.
What's that line of green? Never looked at a naked bike close enough to see it.
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Some sort of reservoir level indicator ?
Sure looks like an engine oil level indicator, can't think of what else it could be for.
Cool addition to have and I couldn't think of a better built to have that on than this, very fitting.
I think it's coolant... never seen green oil before unless it's something new ??
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