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BMW G310R GS Based Bike

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WE could be looking at the BMW F310 GS, the mini GS we've been talking about that's based on the G310R! The F310 GS was supposed to debut at the EICMA 2016 in Milan, Italy next month but someone may have caught it before the official debut. If that's what the mini Gs looks like, I want one!

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Those look pretty darn cool and a hella lot of fun !
I just had a thought. If they're meant to be adventure bikes, shouldn't the G310R GS be wearing spoked wheels?
The R1200GS wasn't that spokey... but I do see what you're saying, they usually are really spokey. The Triumph Tiger Explorer too I believe.
They look like street orientated wheels more than dual purpose ones. when you think of touring or adventure bikes, you expect to see something similar to the R1200RS or this:

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Exactly.. Maybe just throwing a little flair or maybe they're going to be changed ?
Makes more sense to put on a set of spokes to absorb more shock when going over rough terrain than a set of alloys. They are more flexible but also more expensive to the stock G310R GS will probably come with normal wheels.
It does make more sense theoretically but the expensive part plays a factor.. if anything, I guess one could spring for aftermarkets. But those are pricey.
As a beginner touring bike, the G310R GS most likely will only come with normal alloys. That's fine, not preferable but fine. Think the brakes will get an upgrade?
300mm single disc front brakes, 240mm rear, 2 piston floating calipers.

That's what I read is expected to come from the G310 GS
Like the other GS models in BMW's lineup, I'm expecting to see at least tow more seat options like lowered and comfort seats.
Definitely lowered seat for those who are on the short side, but not sure about the comfort one depending on how much they plan to charge for it. They may not think people will be willing to pay what they want for one.
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