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BMW G310R Height Reference

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My main concern because I'm such a vertically challenged individual, is the size and if I'll be able to even tippy toe it. But here's a review of the G310 R that goes over more than just the height reference, but a little bit about the bike itself as well.

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The review wasn't much. But this is good for a height check, especially for smaller people. Really want one of these though
Hard to tell since we don't know how tall she is but she did post up what could be the Canadian pricing of around $5500 CAD.
She said she was 5 feet tall if I can remember in the video correctly
At 5 foot, that's not bad, it's quite rare to come around someone even as short as she is that is into riding, so overall most short riders shouldn't have a problem with it. Once these are out in good volume, i bet that with a poll we'll see there are more shorter riders gravitating to the G310R than other bikes.
I'm not too sure, I think the new Ninja 300 was quite short as well. Shorter than the G310r if I'm not mistaken by the looks of it ?
The new Ninja 300 has a seat height of 785mm, so if the 300 is shorter than the G310r then you'll have a seat height lower than that. I think 5 foot in height is the minimum of the G310r since she's on her tip toes especially for new riders.

Also, she said $6-7k in CAD for the G310r when it does come out in January of next year. A bit before riding season starts instead of the end of it so that may be a smart move on BMW's end.
So the Canadian release date has been pushed back from September to sometime around January next year. I assume the same may apply to the U.S. release date too.

Why do you think she said you wouldn't go across the country on it? The g310r seems like a versatile bike that you can tour with, just need to make a few small adjustments.
It definitely looks like a bike I would take for long distances. You need a ton of power, and it'll be able to manage the outdoors very well. I don't see anything wrong with it in that aspect.
Pretty sure you meant don't need, but aside from that. I don't think she really knows much about it in general. The video was basically useless other than for a height reference
Another thing she did mention in the comments is that the bike was quite light to push around. a bonus for new riders who may not be used to moving around a heavy bike from the side.
Another thing she did mention in the comments is that the bike was quite light to push around. a bonus for new riders who may not be used to moving around a heavy bike from the side.
That's helpful in the city swerving to avoid horrible drivers, cyclists, potholes, animals, etc will be much easier and confidence of the rider goes up.
It did seem like she was able to hold it up and move around quite easily. Especially for someone so small, it shows a lot
Hey all, thanks for finding my video

Height Reference. I am 5 ft tall (152 cm) with inseam of 28.5"
I currently ride a Triumph Street Triple which I did lower (approx 1"), and have been riding for many years.

I did make this video to hopefully help someone with a height reference, so in that I have succeeded.

This was just a preview of the bike, as I mentioned in the video it was just a prototype and by no means am I a sales person or an expert.

In regards to taking this bike across Canada reference - I personally just couldn't see myself riding a 300cc motorcycle for long distance trips (more than a few hours) at a time. Surely it could do it, just I would not enjoy riding a smaller motorcycle at top highway speeds. The lighter weight would also mean it would be blown around easier in the crosswinds, and having owned a Kawi 250 ninja previously, I know that is not enjoyable.

Pricing update. It's $5299 CAD MSRP, plus dealer fees, tax. 3 years warranty

I do believe this bike would make a wonderful commuter and probably be a lot of fun. I hope to get to try one out next year. If I was a new rider, this would be a great consideration.

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welcome to the forum and glad to have you here. I think this might be one of the only forums on the G310R which probably helped in you finding us.

for long distance riding I was thinking to get a scrambler of some sort, there's a good number of them to choose from these days, but for the most part my riding is done in the city with little highway.
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Welcome to the forums ! You definitely did get the height reference across which is greatly appreciated considering majority of reviewers don't even mention their height or anything.
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Didn't really consider crosswind when I was originally looking at the g310r. As a light person on a light bike, this is a bit concerning, especially the buffered wind from oncoming trucks.

But at least now I know that I'll definitely be able to flat foot the g310r with my 5 foot + height.
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Didn't expect cherrie to actually go on the forum but good on you for giving us a brief post. Compared to a Triumph Street Triple, the g310r is definitely going to feel under powered but its rider ergonomics and price point makes it perfect for new riders and it's lower power would be good for those who just want something a bit more relaxed than the more powerful bikes in their stable.
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If you ride mostly in the city it wont be an issue and that might be the demo BMW is really after here.
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The Blue one in my video was actually a prototype, and turns out the real bikes are a wee bit taller than the prototype.

Won't matter much to taller people, but when you're as tiny as I am, and if you were a new rider, it can feel much taller
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